Coastal Drift......  

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12/18/2005 11:12 pm

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Coastal Drift......

Southern Cali this weekend reminds me of Boston just before Winter roars..
I decided to still drive along the coast PCH and listen to pirated music. I stopped just inside SLO (San Luis Obispo) and had tea and a bagel. Old dude decided I absolutely could not be alone so he in this little college town so very charming, invited me to his corner. He was obviously a transplant from the foggiest of lands, Leichester,UK he said, heard of it? Been there I replied, he looked amazed. We tossed back and forth cities and towns, a few countries we had both been, he determined to outdo me, Me, well me thought him sexy in a strictly I am a little horny kind of way.
Do you enjoy, hot tubs or do you melt away?
This old dude was good, he disarmed the come on and allowed little room for rejection.
I do, actually I love Hot Tubs, especially on chilly days into night. Moreso, Brits have always made the panties moist.
He mentioned that his Hot tub rested on a cliff just below the eyeline of his neighbors, thus killing the need for cover. He mentioned fruit and cheese and a little wine of my choice.
I was out of my head by then weighing the dangers of going with a stranger to his hot tub on a cliff. He had to ask me again, would fruit and cheese be ok or should he do a pasta too?
Did I say Yes somewhere here? He continued with plans and started to write directions on a napkin, saying of course you should bring your car.
I looked around the room and people were chatting away unaware of my dilemna. I have met a man on one of my drifts ( I don't call them trips..) who wants to make me dinner and gave me pleasure.
He had a library floor to ceiling on one wall, books and books and books. He showed me first editions and costco bargains, he read The Lovely Bones and was presently reading Lucky, a book by Alice Sebold that I had just finished last week.
I asked him his age, he said 73. He showed me his house, it looked as if it was a work in progress,all unfinished wood and patched holes but it had heart and warmth and the most amazing view over the Pacific.
Did he say 73? I would have guessed 55.
He showed me to the hot tub, down a path lined with mossy stones. Beautiful, maybe redwood I wanted to ask but he was off to start dinner.
I looked up to his house and the houses on either side, he was right , they could not see the hot tub nestled there.
I undressed and had a moment, no less than a moment of concern, I wanted to hide my clothing but the tub was calling me.
I tossed them aside and climbed in.
Dinner later was fab, Pesto and shells with lots and lots of cheese. Ripe apples and grapes and more cheese, a little melon.
We talked about books again and he gave me a few he thought I would enjoy. He had a set of drums in a empty room on the first floor of his house, he played a little. Impressive and sweet.
I left just after midnight with a doggy bag of bread and cheese and a little jar of pesto. I am driving up to Carmel possibly, maybe on to Francisco..

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12/19/2005 4:13 pm

Wooooooooo, hot tubs ROCK. Glad you had fun, sweetie *HUG* and pesto on top of it all, yum!

Careful driving!

The Big Bang was the mother of all orgasms.PrincessKarma

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