Recent adventures of an oral freak...  

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7/7/2005 8:47 pm

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Recent adventures of an oral freak...

Occasionally, work requires me to travel to Nashville, TN. I live and work in Knoxville. I get to have some fun in Knoxville, but more fun seems to happen in Nashville.

In May, I was travelling to Nashville for a week of annual training, and wasn't looking forward to it since I don't really know anybody there. The whole week I was there, I struck out too many times: went to bars friends suggested (bad idea!!), and tried getting together with Nashville ladies on AdultFriendFinder. When I was in Knoxville, all the ladies were in Nashville. When I was in Nashville, all the ladies were everywhere else.

My last night, I was chatting in the KY/TN chatroom. I started talking to a couple of people, trying to get some contact on my dick other than my own hand. I chatted privately with one woman for a while, traded pics, the usual stuff. After a while, she agreed to meet me at my hotel.

She arrived, and thankfully looked like the picture she sent me. She was about 5' 4", brown hair, brown eyes. We talked for a while, and actually felt relaxed together even though we had just met, and we know what's on eachother's mind. She said she had a rough day, and wanted a back massage. Naturally, I started working on her tight back and neck. It started innocent enough, but the touching and rubbing led to what had been built up for the 2 hours before on IM.

We started kissing, and the hands were going everywhere. She grabbed my cock, I took off her bra and pinched her nipples slightly, making her moan softly. We were on the couch, and she slides down my shorts. My cock springs to attention. She wraps her hand around it and stroked it gently, getting me harder and harder by the second. She drops to her knees in front of me, gives me a sexy look and slowly slid my cock in her mouth. She moaned as she sucked it gently. My cock growing with each pump in her mouth. It felt so good...I hadn't had a good blowjob in over 2 months.

She's sucking me lick she hadn't sucked a cock in a long time. Fast and slow she would suck with no hands on my shaft, driving me crazy. She played with my balls with her right hand as her left played with her nipples and wet pussy. She paused as I sucked on her fingers to taste her pussy that was so sweet. She looked up at me and said "I want you to cum for me". She went back to work on my cock with a little wink before getting started. She pumped my cock a few times with her left hand, asking me "You want me to suck it?" I didn't hesitate: I grabbed her head and put it in her mouth to her surprise. She sucked it like she couldn't get enough. She sucked and pumped it in her mouth as hard as she could, bringing me to the point of cumming. I warned her i was going to cum, and she jerked me off all over her stomach. It was the biggest load I have ever let go. After I came, she stroked it gently, getting every last drop of cum out of me.

The only thing I could say was "Thank you." Once I recovered from the best blowjob I had in the past 3 years, it was my turn to go down on her...

[to be continued if enough interest]

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