Question #6 - Why do things have to change?  

rm_CineSeer 57M/58F
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7/17/2006 10:06 am
Question #6 - Why do things have to change?

I started teaching a new term here at school. Because of a number of factors my schedule has changed. Not only that, but they are talking about changing my schedule again next quarter. It's annoying.

Working for a school, I get paid very poorly to begin with. Also, here they try to extract every second they can out of you and then some. So combined you get bad pay and bad hours and on top of it all it feels like a sinking ship.

Enrollment is down and they keep cutting classes and it feel like I may not even have a job several quarters down the road.

So now comes the problem, what do I do? Do I look for something else and it's accompaning problems? Do I stick it out and deal with the feelings of dread and uncertainty? Dam, I hate change sometimes.

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