ya gotta give to get  

rm_Cindysioux 43F
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8/28/2006 10:26 pm

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8/29/2006 3:38 pm

ya gotta give to get

ya gotta give to get am I right? I am an amazingly oral person I love to give and don't think I am bragging when I say I am very good at giving be it male or female but damn it I LOVE TO GET. When asked what my favorite position is my first thought is always "on your face" but in an effort to offer a mutually pleasurable position I say doggy which is true I love doggy. It says I love oral all over my profile, I recently had a very bad experience (one my worst ever while in the lifestyle) a jerk who got his twice and despite my requests did nothing but jam his giant cock in and out in an annoying rhythmic motion which did nothing more then irritate my swollen little cunny. I was grateful when he was done and even happier when he left. I think I did it all right though, we met in a well lit public place after corresponding via email and then multiple phone calls. He asked me multiple times what I liked sexually and my answer was always the same and yet I did not get my needs met. I love the lifestyle because we are all after same thing TO GET OFF, but beyond that it is my experience that most everyone, with few exceptions, I have met while in the lifestyle have been very cool.....a few flakes and a few skanKes a couple of missing teeth here and there, but mostly cool horny people like myself. I guess I am just rambling as I feel duped by one persons selfishness and damnt I want my freaking orgasm (shaking fist) fucker! Anyone wanna help me out???

NastyisgoodEO 60M

8/28/2006 11:59 pm

Of course I want to help out......giving oral is my favorite....you can sit on my face anytime......

rm_Erus_Amans 41M
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9/5/2006 5:12 am

Ahh Cindy sweetheart, I see that it seems that you are in need of a good licking again. And here I hought that you had gotten that taken care of. And if I had known I would have figured out some way to resolve your issues for you. Humm since it has been about a week I hope that you did get that taken care of. But if not ...

jstahobby4us 43M/35F

9/21/2006 8:55 am

Hey there sexxxy we are always up for taking care of that for you! Might have to plan a bit wich sucks i know but hey will be worth the wait we are sure of that!!!


rm_upendover 48M/48F
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9/22/2006 2:33 pm

am happy to let you sit on my face for as long as you want... love to make a woman creme.. so far away though here in Pendleton

willworkforsex0 66M

9/16/2008 9:27 am

Sorry for your bad luck, but as long as I have a face, you'll have a place to sit down!!

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