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12/11/2005 11:00 pm

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Welcome to My Life

Hello and thanks for taking a minute to stop by! I want to welcome you to the first installment of My Life. I've put this off far too long now, but I want to share my life with others and experience them in mine.

A little about me...I've been a California boy my whole life, just far enough inland to be a hassle to get to the beach and close enough I could face the traffic if I wanted to. The beach is an awesome place, especially to watch others, if you know what I mean! Women there are too much, sometimes hard to believe how hot they are, yet always seemed out of my reach. Now that I'm not afraid to reach out, they seem too out of my bracket! How'd I get on that tangent?? Oh well.

I recently decided it was time to return to my life. I have let the circumstances around me and being stuck in a marriage that is more together alone than anything else keep me from being me. I also have other desires I hope this will help me bring out more fully, as they have been so far fetched to even dream of coming about, but maybe not so much. Please join me in future editions of this blog as I explore these things with you, and I look forward to getting to know you as well. I'm open to most everything that doesn't lead anyone to get physically or emotionally hurt...hard to say which pain is worse! Look for future editions soon as well as pics eventually. Please stop by my profile Chuckster472 and drop me a note, especially if you are interested in more! See you soon.

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