There and Back Again  

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2/4/2006 8:02 pm

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There and Back Again

Hi AdultFriendFinder Blogsters,

I purposefully transitioned into this site as a continuation of my search for a Couple to date, in a relatively stable way, over 2006.

It was the accumulation of the past month or two, in which I've been separated from my husband (planned at one year minimum). I've been in the process of reviving a D&S lifestyle. It hasn't been working that smoothly.

My main problem, as pointed out by the first Couple I tried to date is a) I'm impatient and b) I desire more mainsteram / vanilla connection than most D&S'ers will want to grant.

Point taken.

As the song goes "I'm a little bit country & I'm and litte bit rock&roll".

So, I've decided to try it both ways:

Seek a Vanilla Couple willing to experiment w/ a little Kink.

Seek a KinkyTopCouple who is willing to take me into their vanilla lives for some mainstream crossover.

Either will work...I hope.

Until then, take care of yourself & others:


ps: my name is the same on - view my Blog there to get to know me better.

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