Hair & Makeup - Real Time Talk about Camouflage  

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Hair & Makeup - Real Time Talk about Camouflage

**Reprinted for those of you who haven't yet read my BLOG which is the surest way to get to know me or at least have a clue if you should bother to hit me ****

Only change is I shaved my cunny bald...I like and better and haven't found "owners" to say "no".

Head: It's a weave aka hair extension. Get over it. Follow the rules: you break it, you buy it. Wasn't that simple? Now, for my friends, I've posted my Choc-at-the-hairdresser-post-weave-and-makeup picture. And a picture that represents Choc-next-day-with-my-new-hairdo-yes-it's-a-little-longer-but-I-thought-my-new-Owners-might-enjoy-the-look. What've I to hide? Nothing.
Pubic: Trimmed short, little, black, wiry tangle of hair shaped rectangular or square placed as a hat top of my shaved slippery-ness. I really prefer to be completely smooth, from anus to mound, but now I'm leaving a little so THEY can decide.
ARMS>: None worth mentioning or shaving.
LEGS: Don't ask me to grow it in. Of course, I'll try anything for the right DOM, but talk about surrender on a daily basis. Do you really want to read about woes of me not being able to use my razor every day in my journal? I think not. I'm sorry, but au'natural is not for me. The good news, if it's for you - you probably won't even hit me up: I've got poor little glamor gyrl written all over.
EXCESS BACK, EARS, NOSE & ANUS: If you've got it, I'd rather not see it. This eliminates a lot of Tops who refuse to practice grooming the way I require it. My philosophy, "if I've got to put my tongue there, at least let me be able to get to it".
My plain face is just that. Plain. Not that I'm the ugliest chick around. But, you know I'm lazy, right? Now, the whole "knowing is half the battle" - pure crapola. So, the skin regimen needed to maintain flawlessness. Forget about it.
Still, I clean up well - and can give good face w/ a little starry eyed drama thrown it, if I need to. I like black tie events for this reason. Recently, I've begun to think about negotiating a "not without my makeup or corset rule". The reason is simple: camouflage. I don't know if I'm personally ready for the level of vunerability of sheer nakedness when I know my Tops are only temporary? Well, I stand openmindeded and prepared to please. If it's what THEY require and they've earned their entitlement to me, so be it.

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