General Update  

rm_ChocBiFem4U2 47F
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7/2/2006 7:10 pm
General Update

Hi Team,

I've moved to Virginia, the divorce is final, got the tummyTuck (if you follow me on ALT, then none of it is news). I'm in the DC area, got the Little in tow..5 weeks post up & hoping the scars clear up...but it was definitely worth it.

I met a guy in ATL right before I left that blew my socks off & raised the bar for the male half of any couple I'll be dating long term.

I met a female in ATL who I'd known for a while who consistently shows me that loving (not just fucking) a woman is where it's at.

I guess that makes me:

Here a pic of my tT (tummyTUCK) at two weeks post op.

I'm gearing up to kick in my TOPCouple Search locally....wish me luck.



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