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6/28/2005 5:21 pm

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I've been on and off AdultFriendFinder in various bbw incarnations for about two years now. A few things have not changed:

1. As much as I love dick, dick pictures are generally gross. I mean, I think some guys should apply a creative eye to the picture because they're always hazy, dark, or too much light, some of them look malformed. Not cool.

2. Emails with replies in block caps - Deleted.
3. Emails with ultimatums - Deleted.
4. Emails referring to yourself as a "pimp" and me as "ma" or "boo" - Deleted.
5. Excessive use of slang - Deleted.
6. If I check your profile and there is a red "X" in the "Mutual Match" section through (a) Race and (b) Body Type - Deleted.
7. Rehashed, canned responses - Deleted.

Come on guys!! I'm an experience of a lifetime -- and most times I'm free!! Send witty emails!! Have something to say!! Leave a name! A number! Show me you're serious!

In a nutshell, if I sense you may not be a perfect gentleman (out of bed), I'm not interested.

I am developing a new respect for married men.

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