Why my name fits...  

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9/7/2005 12:34 am

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Why my name fits...

I have gone by a few names, some given and some chosen. I'll admit to choosing this name. I'm not sure why I did, it just came to me. At least, yesterday I could say I wasn't sure.
Today, I think I found my reason. My day has been -anything- but calm, quiet or collected. Chaos has reigned supreme...typically in the form of two smalls that insisted on terrorizing my living room, along with the cats. Poor kitties, they'll never be the same. Thankfully, no razors or other similar implements are to be found....kitties can rest assured they get to keep their fur. For the most part.
I don't think there's a thing they've left untouched, clean or otherwise the way they found it. I'm amazed at how small children can move so fast. They defy the laws of physics. I swear they do.
Chaos...this fits my life, to a tea. When I'm not dabbling in the art myself, my children are running full bore into the craft of chaos. If I can't count on them, I can count on the rest of my family. See, there's a drawback to my living situation...that would be, I'm at home, with my mother and grandmother. Its great for the kids, highly chaotic and frustrating for me. There's -always- something going on in this house.
Angel..well, because I try. Sometimes I even manage to pull it off. Besides, it sounded good
I told my best friend about my profile here, and the name I had chosen. I said I didn't realize just how much it fit until today. She laughed at me. Yes...-laughed-. As if she knew all along this was a match made in heaven...or hell, I'm not sure which yet, but given the name, either will work
She told me, between snickers, "Well, only about three fourths of your life is chaos!"
Do the cats count? They seem calm and peaceful on the outside. They're quiet. I'm beginning to appreciate the sound of silence. Simon and Garfunkle were on to something there!
It was late this evening before I had a chance to just...be. I stole some moments online during the day, but that's just it..they were stolen. My children had a nice way of reminding me...wipies -all- over the living room. *groan* Not to mention every toy they could find.
Oh yes, I can't find the lid to the fish tank. Not sure what the kids have done with that..thankfully, the fish don't have any "scenery" added to the tank. I think I may even still have fish...or, frogs, in that tank. The cats didn't end up in the water..another good sign.
The kitchen is still reeling from dinner, and frankly, I don't feel like cleaning it at this particular moment in time. Did I mention the natural disaster that went through my living room? It blasted through the dining room, found a way around the baby gate to the kitchen and landed there.
Lets not even begin to discuss the upstairs. That part of the house I get to ignore until bedtime. The cribs are safe, at least...the sheets perfectly fitted to the mattresses. At least for tonight.
The house is still..finally! I'm recovering from a day of..chaos. I'm not sure, as I take a look at tomorrow's schedule, that tomorrow is going to be any less chaotic.

frell1975 41M

9/11/2005 4:48 pm

Right off the bat I have to admire and congratulate you on your strength... of emotion and patience alike! I hate to say it, but upon reading this, seeing your world with the chaos, I don't feel so alone in the world. Thank you for sharing...I guess we all need to know that we aren't the only ones hurting and having bad days. Keep up the fight, ChaosAngl! Looking forward to more showings in your theatre!

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