Drama...part duex  

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10/1/2005 12:01 am

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Drama...part duex

Yes, folks, I have seen the ex. And, once again, it managed to produce soap-opera quality drama. Damnit, I wish I were paid for this shit. I'm honing my acting skills...polite smile, nod of the head, try not to say anything too nasty...
You can relax a little...break out the popcorn. Fortunately for you, I've calmed down. I've had a week to mull it over...yet, amazingly (or not so, given who's involved) I still get irritated. Oh yes, so enjoy the story as it unfolds...

Sunday, the ex is there before I get home. Mind you, I've had a wonderful weekend. I was able to spend it at a swinger's event with a wonderful man that I'll fess up to..well, sorta seeing..or something. I know that the ex there before me is not a good sign. He's been there a couple hours, according to him. The kids have had a nap..about an hour or so.
As soon as I get home, he comes upstairs ... without asking or anything... and begins to pack up some of his belongings. Oh, wait, that would include some of the stuff he bought for me too..because, you know, I did nothing to earn those things. (Yes, hot button..don't push it)
He ignores the box that I've packed that has his clothes. Naturally.
Well, at some point, he's looking for his CD case. I have no idea where it is..and I tell him so three times before I get a bit snappy with him. Of course, its the tone of "I know you've done something with -my- stuff". (insert eye rolling and teeth grinding here)
I asked him where he last had them. He said upstairs..but that was before family camping. Then he's like "They might still be in the van... might."
What the...? You think I'm as petty as you? (Okay, maybe I am in my own way.) You think I'm gonna steal stuff from you, knowing you'll be over to accuse me of it? I'm not smoking crack, thank you.
He's making ready to pack the CD case, and I remind him that not all the cds in there are his. He tells me "I know. Have I taken anything of yours before?"
Uhm. Yes, actually. A few things you've conveniently 'forgotten' were mine, or made the point of you bought them...ironically overseeing that you bought them for me. Oh yes, and then there's the toys...you know, the ones I had before we met? Ones that belong to someone else? Yeah, those ones..the ones I need to return to this person.
His excuse. "Well, those were in the bag. I'll get them to you, if you give me a ride home." Oh yes, lets not forget to mention that the bag was in the house before he took it. So, why he couldn't put them upstairs, I don't know. But, I'm trying to keep cool...so, I don't ask.
Oh yes, I should mention that mom's gone..so I can't drive him home until she's home. Two car seats do not fit, by any stretch of the imagination, into a little DaeWoo (think..small honda)
I'm fixing dinner because I'm hungry, and the kids didn't really have lunch. During this event, my friend Nunzio calls - asking about my car. He'd been over the last couple weekends to work on it, and the last project was the brakes. He wanted to be sure they were working out properly and stuff. Naturally, I talked to him for probably about 10 minutes or so, about the car...and things in general. Nothing gooshy, romantic. Nothing that can be construed as new relationship energy..or cutesy....just friends talking about life and checking up on each other.
When I get off the phone, and go to tell jackass dinner is ready..he's gone. Yep, that's right. Gone. I called his cell..and here's the conversation:

Me: Where are you?
Him: At the bus stop.
Me: (pause) I thought you wanted me to give you a ride home?
Him: Don't worry about it, I'll find my own way.
Me: Uhm, okay. So, you leave without saying good-bye to the kids?
Him: I said good-bye.
Me: Uhm, yeah..okay.
Him: *click*

Mother fucker. I don't think I could come up with enough derogatory descriptions for him at this point. I am SO tired of this game. If he's aiming for no visitation, he's got an express ticket.
Oh, yeah..it gets better.
Tuesday, my mom calls him to ask for the money he told her he was going to give us for diapers. Yeah, the money he didn't leave with me. Mom goes down to pick it up - he gives her $40. Yep, that's it. Just enough to pick up ONE box of diapers at Costco. Nevermind that we need wipes too....or the fact that he hasn't paid the child support he agreed to.
In fact, since he's been gone - he's visited the children twice and paid for 2 boxes of diapers and a box of wipes. Fucker.
Oh yes, better still.
He tells mom that he 'had to cut his visit with the kids short'. When mom asked why, he said because of me. What the fuck?? what did I do?
That kind of took mom, so she pointed out that he was there to see the kids, and not me. He then informed her that he didn't want to 'fight in front of the kids'.
*blinkblink* What fight? Far as I knew, tender subjects were dropped and we weren't fighting. Stupid mother fucker. *growls and gnashes teeth*
So, he gets back at me by not taking care of the kids? Idiot. I can't do this all the time..if this is the pattern he's setting up, I'll file for a parenting plan that does not include visitation. The kids don't deserve that kind of emotional jerk-chain.
His daughter is over this weekend, so lucky me, I may get to see him yet again. Happy joy, joy. I'd do the happy, happy joy, joy dance..but I'm not sure I could put enough sarcasm into the movements.

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