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7/10/2006 2:19 am

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Well I lot has happened since my last post, and I guess I should fill you all in (actually I write this more for myself than anyone else, sorry).

Anyway my wife has now come clean and admited having sex with various people for the last 24 months. She has actively fucked 3 guys and 2 girls in front of me to.

I had to have a chat to her as I felt our relationship was going nowhere, she however pointed out she still loves me and wants me to experience sex with other people too, hence the first encounter being with a woman.

Basically it has come down to this - She is going to fuck whoever she wants, whatever I say/do and she is encouraging me to do the same.

I have since contacted someone I fancied years ago and fucked her while out on the hills around my area, great place secluded and very cool views. I'm yet to bring anyone back home as I'm not so comfortable with my wife watching while I get off with another woman. This may however change, who knows.

I still find myself feeling guilty though, even with the prompting from my wife, perhaps I'm just not cut out for this.. I like to get to know people a little better, perhaps thats why I find it hard to meet woman anyway?...

Oh well.. I think I shall abstain from sex for awhile, it doesn't feel great anymore too rushed and animal in nature.

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