Are men over sexed?  

rm_Chainman7 46M
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6/5/2006 4:14 am
Are men over sexed?

I mean are we?

I seem to think about having sex at least 4-5 times a day.. I'm talking sex here not love as thats something very different, I'm not talking about tenderly making love all day/night either. No I'm talking about just taking your clothes off and having steamy sex, hey don't get me wrong I'm including foreplay in this (after all great sex HAS to have foreplay).

Is it just me or do most women think of sex as something they *have* to do in the evening at night and in bed?

I'm also interested to find out if women do even look for a *one off* you know the stuff most men dream about .. You meet a girl shag the living hell out of her and walk away. Can't see it myself as you tend to give something of yourself in the act of sexual intercorse and would want to perhaps feed on that. Perhaps thats why so many men and women end up having affairs? They go looking for a mindless shag and end up ensnared in a full on relationship.

Blimey this is getting far too deep...

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