Am I Gay?  

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6/25/2006 9:23 am

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Am I Gay?

God what a night!

Last night Sue came round and brought her boyfriend! I should have known this would happen.. I was nervous as hell and the Wife wasn't helping with comments along the lines of "I've done what you wanted now it's your turn".

I ended up drinking some Red wine before I had the nerve to even ask what people had planned... Then I was shocked to find my with and Sue taking their clother off and Chris (Sue's boyfriend not his real name though helping them).. Then Chris started to take off mine.. I was in such a fluster I didn't object, or maybe I was looking forward to it?

Sue came over and started giving me a blow job while my wife did the same to Chris.. I was starting to like it and when Chris pushed my wife against a wall and started to fuck her I was beyond myself.. Seeing what was happening Sue called over "Your not having all the fun !" and straddled my face humping away.

Mental.. So Chris finished with my wife and started to fuck Sue while I swapped over and started to fuck my wife.. Just as I was getting into it I felt something against my anus and Sue was licking and pushing her finger in while Chris banged her..

Shocked I carried on and was soon feeling two of Sue's fingers in my arse.. Getting really turned on I was then shocked when Chris started to slide his cock into my arse while Sue played with my balls!

So here I was fucking my wife while being fucked in the arse by another bloke!

My wife was really enjoying this and told me to let Chris fuck me while she watched.. Not really knowing what to do I pulled out and bent over a chair while Chris eased into my again. I noticed my Wife was watching and playing with Sue's clit..

After about 10 minutes of this Chris pulled out and told Sue to "Get the harness".. I started to think something really bad was about to happen until I noticed Sue strap on a dildo and walk over to me.. She then started to fuck me in the arse while Chris finished off in my Wife!

Then Chris turned to me and told me it was my turn he bent over the chair and got me to ease my cock into his arse.. It took awhile but I was soon fucking another bloke! While my wife watched!

Then Sue started to fuck my wife with the strap on!..

A couple of hours later and we're all mellowed out having finished a few bottles of wine..

I can't understand that a couple of weeks ago I was moaning saying I never get sex and would like to try something new and here I am having some of the strangest and greatest fucks of my life!

Sue and Chris left telling us to give them a ring sometime, but I'm now starting to think I'm gay as all I can think about was Chris pounding away into me!

Talk about Strange!

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