The Nude Beach  

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8/18/2005 6:23 pm

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The Nude Beach

I am proud of my body. I work hard to keep the shoulders at 44", the waist at 34". Is that vain? Or, is it celebrating life to its fullest?
Among the greatest of summer pleasures is the clean, salty ocean waves crashing over and cleansing and renewing my body and soul.

I toted my cooler and beach towels to the hot, sandy shore. The waves beckoned me. I spread the colorful beach blanket above the high water line. My Gap stretch T shirt clung to the chest and shoulders worked so hard during the week. My swim trunks hung losely at my waist. Peeling off the shirt, I stole glances to who might be sitting nearby. I spotted her in a moment. She must have been steps behind me. She was spreading her towel, close, but not so close as to be intrusive. The beach will soon be crowded; we were close enough that no party would squeeze between our sandy real estate.

As I wriggled out of the shirt, I spied her hands untying the bikini top. She let it drop to the sand, exposing her tanned breasts and wonderfully red/brown nipples. She must have sensed my watching.

In turn, I could feel my cock filling with a tinge of blood. In retaliation, I pulled my trunks across my hips, ass to her. Is she studying my smooth, tight ass? Is she wondering about my cock? Without turning, I bent and retrieved the sun tan lotion, spreading it all over. Upon reaching my cock, I turned slightly to face the ocean, offering her a profile. I splashed the white cream into the palm of my left hand, and began working it into my cock. After all, what good is a sunburned cock? Although not fully eract, my member felt good, thick in my hand. I wonder does she enjoy watching a guy masturbate? Not all women care to see that, or even to know guys do it. I do it often; I will give her a taste of how I do it. Fair is fair, right?

Each of us spread out on our towels, feet to the sun and sea. Throughout the hour, I stole glances beneath my sunglasses at her body. Neither of us is perfect - who is? - but each of us clearly cared. Her pussy was smooth and tight-lipped. I wondered how many hard cocks had poked there, to find her warmth, her sweetness, milking those cocks until they shot it full of warm cum? Had she ever shared that pussy with two cocks in the same session? Does she masturbate with a vibrator? My smooth balls ached to know the answer.

I rose to join the sea, wondering if through feigned slumber, she watched. Upon emerging, I found my cock remarkably full, cold water notwithstanding. I stood at the shore's edge, facing up the beach, inviting her eyes to study the body, imagine how my cock looked fully aroused.

I returned to the towel, laying close to her, thoughts running wild. Like a teenage virgin, my mind filled my cock with blood, and I found myself fully 7 inches erect, and thick. At first I was embarrassed....she would surely know if she saw! = but soon I relaxed. Rather than rolling to my right to lay on my stomach, I rolled left, toward her, like a lover in bed. I paused for a moment, pretending to arrange the towel. My engorged cock pressed against the towel, mere feet from her. Behind her lenses, did she watch?

The day teased each of us. She spread oil on her breasts, rubbing some into her pussy, across her clit. My cock ached to be jerked dry.

Finally, she silently rose, pausing over me. Had she moved but a few feet, I could have tasted the oil, the sweet pussy that teased me all day. In a moment, the day was gone, her towel folded, body dressed. I lay a bit longer alone with my thoughts.
That afternoon, I could not shake the thoughts, even as my hot cum sprayed all over the shower in my home, my left hand squeezing behind my cock's head, milking every drop for her.

Puurple_Passions 46M/39F
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8/18/2005 10:35 pm

NICE!!! Makes me want to visit the Nude Beach again! What woman wouldn't want to be admired with that kind of lust and longing. I certainly would be thrilled!
~Passions~ (The F of the C)

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