Sheer physical attraction  

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6/27/2006 5:19 pm

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Sheer physical attraction

What is it about sheer physical attraction? Is that, in fact, just plain old lust? Seems to me that lust is something that has more longevity than a sheer physical attraction. Lust implies that you have known of the person for whom you are lusting. Sheer physical attraction can be much more within a few minutes of meeting someone.

So, why is it that I can tell within five minutes if I want to have sex with somebody? And five minutes is probably about 3 minutes too generous. It sounds really shallow but I guess I'm wondering if this is just me or do other people feel this way too? Or perhaps I could put it better by saying that within a few minutes I know if I would sleep with you?

When the connection with a "date" is immediate and intense, how did it differ from other dates? Obviously, there's visual appeal but how do unquantifiable things like chemistry and magnetism factor in? What made this date click and the other not? Of course, I could be immediately attracted to someone only to find that they can't speak in complete sentences and have no idea of what the second fork at the table is used for. Then Houston, we've got a problem. The sheer physical attraction loses it's luster at that point.

Typically, yes, you know a few basics about your date and may even have spoken over the telephone so you can check off the "speaks in complete sentences" box on your scorecard. But, sometimes it's a zing and sometimes it's not. Or you've had great chemistry on the phone but it fizzles upon meeting.

I guess an awful lot of things have to come together, some definable, some not, for sheer physical attraction to occur. But when it does, watch out. Sparks do fly and people can get injured. I love it when that happens.

LookandWink 63M

6/27/2006 7:10 pm

Guys tend to "fall in lust" a lot. A beautiful woman walks by, their cock springs up, there mind focuses on her alone and their brain goes to oatmeal! Interesting to see that the gals are the same sometime!

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