Saturday night and I ain  

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6/17/2006 6:08 pm

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Saturday night and I ain

Well, here it is Saturday night and I'm alone, sitting at the computer on my second rum and coke. Make that diet coke.

I'm still having a great time on this board, although I wish the men would have some kind of epiphany and realize that lesbians aren't interested in all. For anything. It just ain't happening.

But, I've got a exciting date set up for next weekend and am waiting for my sassy little friend on the east coast to return from vacation. Things are rolling but nothing hot and exciting to report on yet.

So, while I wait, I ponder the return of Cathy, my sweet little gym teacher. She's been on vacation for the past two weeks and I was out for the previous three weeks so I haven't seen her for five weeks now. I'm dying to see her! I have just had a massive crush on this woman for over a year now and it's just insane. Or perhaps I am. I mean, the woman shows me her tits on purpose. Wouldn't you perceive that to be an invitation? We'll be doing some ab work on the floor and usually, she faces the front of the room. But...every so often, for reasons I can't perceive, she turns and faces me directly. Our faces are about four feet apart. As she lifts herself up on her elbows, her tank top falls completely open and I can see her perky little tits swaying as she completes the exercise. God, I want to run my tongue all over those bobbling little delights! Do you think she realizes what she's doing here?

Though she is supposedly straight and I know she's married (with small children), I believe the little vixen teases me. Since it's a cardio class, she loves to do the twist. What this means, of course, is that she gets to shake her perfectly rounded ass right in my face. I stand directly behind this saucy little wench in class. So, whenever she does the twist, it brings a smile to my face. I'm only human - I can't help it. She sees me smiling, gets this fierce look on her face and fires that ass up even more. Gee, what's a girl to think here? She reacts and feeds off my reactions.

One thing that is really awesome is how she and I move in class. Being a cardio class, she combines 6-7 aerobic dance steps into a routine. Cathy and I are the only ones in our "row". Most everybody else in the classroom is lined up three deep but for some reason, it's only Cathy and I in the direct center of the classroom. I've been going to her class for well over a year now so I know her routines fairly well. Granted, when I first started, I was quite the stumble bum. But, I did finally figure it all out and now, when we do our routines, we move in perfect harmony. I can see most of the class moving with exact precision in the mirror, but Cathy and I can always see each other in our peripheral vision as we watch our feet doing all the choreographed moves. The dance music is blaring as we move in a energetic rhythm. I find it very sensual and very erotic somehow. I wonder if she feels it too?

So, Cathy returns on Monday night. Or so I believe. I tried to confirm this with the front desk at the gym this morning and all I got was "We're not sure what's really going on." Lots of the instructors are on vacation right now so it's been helter skelter as far as the regular schedule with the regular instructors.

While I want to make an "overture" with Cathy, the problem here is that the woman won't look at me or talk to me outside of class. Granted, my initial crush on her was so extreme that any time I got near the woman I stuttered and stammered like a complete freaking idiot. Just not terribly suave I have to admit. So, while she struts her stuff in front of me all during class, she totally avoids me at any other time. Can't say I blame her in a way. But, I'm determined or perhaps a better word would be insane in my pursuit of this woman. She just really turns me on.

Truth be told, I have absolutely no desire to get involved with a married woman with small children. Married is fine - it's the idea of the small children which geeks me. Why does she turn me on then? She's been the object of many of my fantasies over the last year. I think the woman intimidates me because she is so physically strong. She is intense in her devotion to physical fitness. Let me be the first one to say that I appreciate her devotion - she's a goddess in my book.

So, what to do about this situation? My lust for her seems to override my sensibilties. What is it about sheer physical lust? I don't know this woman from Eve but I want her...badly. What's a girl to do here?

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