Weight Loss Plan & Movie Treatment  

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12/23/2005 10:54 am

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Weight Loss Plan & Movie Treatment

After this holiday season and many of you wanting to shed a few pounds, here's a great idea to lose those few unwanted pounds.

Scenario 1:

You will be relocated to a base in Antarctica with only a small opening, through which you cannot quite fit.

Every morning, at 7am dogs are released, which chase you around until sunset. Little by little you lose weight and finally are small enough to escape.

Scenario 2:
There are two mountains, each with buttons on their top. If you push a button on one mountain, food appears through a slot at the top of the other. So to eat, you must constantly climb up and down the mountains.

Movie Treatment Idea:
It's a documentary which records a single day in the life of a person in the top 2% of the IQ spectrum, and someone in the bottom 2%. Although they are not in the same house, the film shows them basically doing the same things, like eating, talking to friends, having sex, responding to a burgler alarm in their house, and receiving flowers from a stranger.

Maybe at the end they run in to each other... Maybe they don't. The film would be called "2%".

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