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8/9/2006 1:53 am

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Starting over

Almost 2 years ago I met someone on AdultFriendFinder who was my perfect sexual match. She was gorgeous, sexy, classy, intelligent, educated, and an absolute joy in bed. As a bonus she came complete with a "girlfriend" she occasionally played around with, and there were a few very hot 3-somes. Sounds perfect eh? Well it almost was. Almost. She was married and unhappy, and would have been long divorced if it weren't for the 2 children involved. She had a lot of courage and was quite selfless in that she would stay married and miserable rather than subject her kids to a broken home.

I was at the tail end of a 2-year relationship and still cared greatly for my then girlfriend, but a combination of depression and medication had totally killed her sex drive. After 6 months of once a week sex and zero passion I just had to seek some relief. I traveled to San Fran to visit a friend and go to a concert. We skipped the parties just screwed constantly for a week. Back home I realized I needed sex not another relationship so enter AdultFriendFinder.

Was very disappointed initially until I realized there were 10 guys for every girl. After about a month I started meeting people and having some fun, but it wasn't till I met "her" that I really felt satisfied. We saw each other 2-3 times a week for the next yea, then one day she suddenly disappeared for a few weeks only to reappear and say "it's over".

Turns out we were compatible both in and out of the bedroom, and had we met at a different time and place would have probably wound up together. We had both kept repeating the mantra "it's just about sex", but both realized our feeling ran much deeper than that. I was able to keep emotions out of it for the most part, but for her it was apparently a bit tougher. She woke up one morning and decided it was better to just end it rather than get even more attached.

Two months later and we'd had lunch a few times, chatted online on rare occasion, but that was it. Trying to stay "just friends" was hard. Finally one day we skipped lunch and just held each other all afternoon. Time came when she HAD to go, but instead of leaving she drug me into the bedroom and we had an incredibly passionate quickie. The next 8-9 months we returned to having sex, but changes in schedules meant we never got back to the 2-3 times a week meetings of before. Eventually it reached the point where we could simply never match schedules well enough to meet.

So... here I am once again, starting from scratch as it were. I don't need and am not looking for a relationship, just some hot lusty carnal sex. The plain vanilla variety is easy enough to come by, but it gets boring really quick.

akawarmwetone 57F  
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8/9/2006 3:15 am

You have to keep in mind that (for the most part - there are exceptions to every rule) that men and women operated on difficult emotional levels. Yes, I'm referring to the "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" type stuff, but there is a basis for it. To quote Billy Crystal, "Women need a reason to have sex, Men just need a place" pretty much sums it Good luck in your quest!


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8/9/2006 3:40 am

Welcome to the Blogs! Please stop by hydragenias and say Hi sometime

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8/29/2006 11:39 am

Welcome I'm in your area...stop by and visit our group sometime. The link is on my profile. Always good for a laugh.

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