Yes, I have used Professional Escorts  

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7/27/2006 12:26 pm

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Yes, I have used Professional Escorts

I mentioned professional escorts in my profile and have received a few e-mails from both guys and gals asking me why and what are the results. Thanks for writing. As I promised, here is the blog description on the subject of escorts.

As you know, I'm 55 and both divorced and widowed. Often I find myself in a strange city because I've been invited to visit an organization or to speak at a meeting. Many of the men I meet at those events are not the kind that will intrigue me or that I would enjoy being with or dating.

Neither do I like to sit around a hotel room all alone and call for room service. Therefor I have found that it is far easier to have a male "friend" with me then to continually say "No" to requests to take me out.

Also I often go to Miami Beach in the Winter to visit old friends and relatives and do not want or need their offers to fix me up with some doddering dodo who lives in their building. Nor do I really want to spend twelve hours in a row with some of my relatives. So I invent "old friends" who I must see.

I also have business around the country and simply don't want to be alone at times.

Therefor - Professional escorts!

Over the years I have put together a list of discrete people who can fix me up with the type of man I need or am in the mood for. That is their business and they do this for a small fee. The cost of an escort varies, depending on the area. Extras are, well, extra, and paid separately from the initial fee. These men are always gentlemen, attractive, masculine, well dressed and good conversationalists.

If I'm speaking at an event and having dinner afterwords, a professorial type with glasses is perfect. He's usually quiet and intelligent. He may, in fact, be a Professor at a local college.

If I am in the city on business a banker type is required so I'm set up with a man who can talk intelligently about business.

If I'm in the mood for those "extras" he's always well equipped to do extras. In fact nearly all of the men who work as escorts are well equipped to perform those extras.

It works quite simply:

Let's say I'm going to a meeting of the Umpo Association and they would like me to speak at 3:00, stay for a seminar and have dinner after-wards. Rather then have them put a dud next to me I'll say that I have a friend in their city and he'll attend the dinner with me.

I then call my contact, describe the man I need and she'll usually tell me that she has the perfect gentleman. He charges X-Dollars an hour. If I agree then she arranges for him to call me from the lobby. I go downstairs, meet him, and off to the dinner. We may join others after-wards for a drink or two in the hotel bar. There is no way that any one will know he's an escort because I always introduce him as my old friend. If questions arise such as "How did you meet?" there are plenty of generic answers. There is no lovey-dovey during dinner, no kissing or pawing. He is strictly a gentleman, i.e., that "old friend."

I must point out the obvious, you pick up the totality of the checks. Dinner, etc., is on you. I usually slip the man a couple of hundred to cover expenses.

After-wards is, well, separate. If I want something more then his companionship over dinner I'll invite him to my room. Then I must offer him an envelope to cover those "extras."

That's it. Most of the higher class escort services for women are run by women. Their business is quite good and their discretion is exemplary. Also, they take credit cards.

I have two stories about escorts that throw a humorous view of what to expect.

I must travel to a mid-Western city once a year on business. When I go I call Barbara and giver her the dates I'd like company. Barbara has a selection of men that are renowned for two things:

They are very intelligent, and
They are always extremely well endowed.

Barbara, who knew what I like, suggested Paul. We made the plans and Paul met me in the lobby and off we went for dinner at a marvelous local restaurant. After dinner we stopped at a bar for jazz. During this time he was, of course, a perfect gentleman.

We got back to my hotel and he walked me into the lobby and we took the elevator to my room door. "Thank you, Carla, for an excellent time. I really enjoyed meeting you," he said as he leaned over and gave me a peck on the cheek. "Would you like me to come into your room?"

"Well," I said, "It is rather late and I have a meeting tomorrow morning."

"I think you're making a big mistake," he replied. "Most women usally are quite thankful that I suggested an after dinner repast."

"OK, you're on," and in he came.

"Please sit down on that chair and watch." He went around the room and turned off the lights. Then he opened the drapes so the lights of the city came in. The lights were dim, but everything could be seen.

"You know, Carla, I really enjoy what I do," off came his jacket. "I meet a great many truly nice ladys." The shirt was now off followed by his shoes. He leaned over to take off his socks. So far I could see no arousal on his part.

"And when I meet them I get a wonderful feeling that I make them feel oh, so very happy." Off came his pants. He was left with what appeared to be a tight pair of jockey shorts and, yes, there was a mound there.

"Carla, now it will be up to you to decide if my suggestion of joining you in your room was worthwhile. Do you see those two tabs on my shorts, one on each side? The're velcro, just grab one in each hand and pull."

I did and oh, my God, the shorts fell away and out popped the largest cock I have ever seen. This was a pure two hander! I grabbed on to it and he looked down at me and said, "Well?"

The next morning as he was leaving he gave me a goodbye kiss and I asked if I would like to see him that night.

"Got a friend," I asked.

"Of course."

"Just like you?"


"Six PM. I'll call for room service."

"See you then," and he and his friend did.

When my credit card statement arrived there were charges from the escort service for the first night and double charges for the second night.

Oh, well, it's a business.

I'll continue this about Barbara in another blog entry. I'll also tell you about the one time I got found out.

Bye for now!

CB_2 51F

7/28/2006 2:55 pm

I am so jealous of you to be able to fix this up! I'd love to be able to find an escort, but have no idea how to go about it. No problem if I lived in London, but I don't, and I can't seem to find any.

Ah well, I'll just have to settle with the very nice men I've met through AdultFriendFinder.


Blogito ergo sum.

(Simon )

2/4/2007 4:23 pm

That was a beautiful insite in you mixing business and pleasure!!!
You have a radient personality and a beautiful body...

I guess you can be called a fully emancipated woman..

XXX love Simon
p.s. you are hot!!!!

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