Why am I on Adult Friend Finder?  

rm_CarlaR123 65F
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7/7/2006 9:19 am

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11/6/2007 1:23 pm

Why am I on Adult Friend Finder?

I have received a few e-mails asking why I'm here. Two of them were insulting enough that I thought I'd respond here rather then tell them to go fuck-off.

I know four other ladies who are on AdultFriendFinder. One is my cousin, Terri. The five of us had dinner last night at the local Italian and I brought up this subject. The remarks were spirited, but can be reduced to a few paragraphs.

So here goes:

When you're our age, the men you usually meet through normal social circles tend to be:
widowers who can't stop comparing you to their late wife,
or they are divorced late in life and trouble,
or they are so set in their ways that they aren't open to new things,
or they are boring,
or they are losers,
or they are looking for a 30 year old trophy wife to impress their friends with the fact that they're helping support the plastics industry.

Then there are the introductions from well meaning friends:
He's got a great personality (he's ugly),
He's very successful (he's a complete idiot),
He's a complete gentleman (he's had prostate surgery),
He loves to travel (Dutch),
He's very rich (he's cheap),
He's really been around (self important and tells you about it),
and my favorite,
He's very athletic, you'll like him (hasn't been laid in years).

Now, I am uninterested in the fix-ups from my friends. First of all, do I want to risk the man telling my church lady pal that I wanted to go to Las Vegas and fuck? No, I don't.

Nor do I want to have to tell my friend that the guy was a complete bore. Hell, she thought he was great.

Neither do I want to get picked up at my gym. The guys are mostly gay or full of themselves. Neither do I want to get a "reputation" and feel uncomfortable at a place I enjoy going to. Besides that the girls are a barrel of laughs. One day I'm going to write about what the gals talk about in the steam room, besides the fact that my boobs are real!

Then there are the men I meet at my organizations. Some are really nice, but you just can't jump into bed with someone you met at a charity. It just isn't done. Well, sometimes it's done, but you've got to be careful.

OK, sometimes a casino manager will suggest a man I might enjoy. There's an old saying: The two people who know you the best are your beautician and your casino manager.

So, where can I meet some fun men who I can get a quick feel for, have a drink or dinner, make a judgment call and go out with again. Or, if I want to get laid - Hell, this is the place. Other dating services are really quite stodgy when you get to be my age. I've tried dating services and other web sites. AdultFriendFinder hits the nail on the head.

Briefly put, the choices of where to meet fun men at the age off 55 are few. I've been here awhile and am e-mailing some very withit guys. Those same guys are around my age and have the same problems I have.

Also, if I want a younger man for "special events" there is a huge selection.

In other words the market is wide open. The choices are unlimited. The opportunities thrilling. It's a buyer's market for ladies who want to search out the right man.

So there you have it. I'm here because it's fun and worthwhile. Sure, I could sit home and be bored. Do you really think that's me?

By the way, I've read a few of the introductions and blogs of the other ladies on here. Guys, there are some super women on AdultFriendFinder who would be a treasure to meet and get to know. Sure there are many who just want to get laid, but look around, you'll be surprised.

In general - AdultFriendFinder is more fun and with-it then other services.

That's why I'm here.

blankjoy 52M
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7/15/2006 12:30 pm

hey carla,
again it is just fun to read everything, that u wrote....
its true , u , as a woman,have endless opportunities of all those different things, u looking for...men usually here just for the one thing,to find a woman in order to have fun with.... i would lie, if i would say i am not, every man is looking for that one thing, its just a matter how u approach the one u have chosen, the internet makes it easier for everybody to test and check out the much bigger 'market' ( go out at nite and meet one or two guys and thats it ) and , what i think its a good thing, it is safer for women, they can pick the right guy they like upfront, meeting him at a public place , have a conversation and make a choice....
life is about making the best out of it and the internet is a great place to do that....thats why i am here , even when i as a man have to fight hard for it....i choose those i wanna get to know...i know, that i am not always successful, but thats life , keep trying and one day ....it makes boom and u can have the biggest fun...
one thing i always keep in my mind....treat the women with respect and most of the time ur chances are much bigger , if u get a date at the end is always open...even if u get a no , keep the respect...u dont get her in ur bed, but maybe u won a friend and very often this is a lot more worth than a fuck for one nite
ok carla maybe i hear from u or not lol

cocksman96 58M

7/16/2006 7:40 am

Hello Carla,

I understand you 100%. First off, from what I can see you are not only intelligent but beautiful too. That's a dangerous combination in todays world. Most guys are intimidated by confident, smart, attractive women, but that is who I love to meet. I maybe somewhat cocky, but I can back it up. Men like myself enjoy this site because it allows me to keep my sanity in a world gone amuck. My situation is not that unusual but it does create some problems for the few on this site that are overly judgemental. Yes I am married for 22 years but with little or no sex with my best friend. I have a much higher sex drive and have always been like that, ever since I hit puberty at 13!
So for those who pass on me because of that, you don't know what you're missing. I really am a very considerate, caring and sexual man that is looking for the company of couples or women, like you Carla. Your writing was thoughtful and concise, with a sassy attitude of "I don't care what you think, this is best for me"! Even if we never meet, I applaud you and if we do I would give you two standing O's...lol.
Hope I peeked your interest.

TahoeGentleman 77M

7/22/2006 1:02 am

Carla, from my point of view you are enjoying AdultFriendFinder for all the right reasons. The people are still alive and kicking, unlike the church group. Especially at my age, 66, it is almost impossible to find a woman who is as active as I am. During the winter I teach skiing and I have yet to meet a woman over 55 who still wants to ski much less learn it as a new sport. Even women in their late 40s have trouble spending more than an hour or so really enjoying the wonderful fresh air, swishing down the slope with the wind rushing through their hair, and feeling the exileration of the cold that brings a tingle to their rosy cheeks. As for getting laid, for most there are mountains of baggage and reasons why that it not an option rather than seeking the enjoyment of feeling alive with someone attracted to them for their self worth as well as their good looks. On the other hand, a woman like you can get outside the envelope and take life as it flows. Hal

redmustang91 57M  
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10/18/2006 3:07 pm

Great blog! I love your direct and honest attitude.

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