Terri and I Spent the Fourth at Lake Tahoe  

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7/19/2006 2:27 pm

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Terri and I Spent the Fourth at Lake Tahoe

This is one of those entries that I spent a bit of time deciding if I wanted to post it, but heck, why not. It's about youngsters and their desire (yes and no) to do the thing with an older women.

Terri and I went to Lake Tahoe for the 4th of July weekend. We left Friday night and returned on Wednesday morning. My intention was to frolic by the pool during the day, eat great meals and knock 'em dead at the tables in the evening. Terri was more interested in the frolicing and the men. Tahoe over the 4th is primarily college kids, young men and women and more college kids.

So Sunday after lunch we get on our Spandex specials and head for the pool. I always wear a one piece because it holds my gut in and pushes my boobs out. It is not meant to get wet or everything, yes everything, shows through. Terri wore her bikini. It says: "Hey guys, look at what's been poured into me." Terri swims and loves to pull her top up as she gets out of the pool. I just get wet and watch everybody else pretending not to stare.

So there we are laying on the chaises, holiday drinks at hand, reading the latest books when over walk two young men. Now, look, I'm 55, Terri is about that also. With all the ass running around the pool why us?

"Hi," one says
"Hi back," I reply.
"Can we buy you a drink?"
"Sure, why not. Sit and buy."

We spend the next half hour talking about a variety of topics. They are really very nice, both are about 30. Paul and Danny.

"So," I ask, "why us?"
"Why you what?"
"Come on, Paul, look around, there are about 50 good looking, young, nubile ladies around here. Why plop yourselves down next to a couple of older broads/"
"They want to fuck their mothers," Terri expostulates.

Now it didn't take a brain surgeon to realize that they were sexually interested in us because they were already getting hard in their speedos. The problem with men's swimwear is that it is not intended for the instant hard-on. In fact, Paul's love machine was popping it's lovely head over the hem.

"Go take a cold swim," I said.
Terri, obviously not the shy one today, looked at both guys, put her hand on my arm and said, "No, hold on, look guys, do you want to get laid?"

That was the end of trying to keep their Mr. Fun Machines inside the speedos. Both guys reached for towels.

"Well?" I asked.
The guys stammered.
"Look, men, we're both twice your age, twice as experienced and bore easily. Do you think you can handle it?"
More stammering.
They didn't know what was happening. Not a clue.
I lifted a towel, took a good look and asked again, "Well?"
A deep, red blush by Paul.

Let's figure this out. These two guys sat down fully expecting to be rejected. Now, suddenly, their dreams have come true. Two older, busty women have offered to fuck and they are scared stiff, and hard.

Do their minds win and they run like children or do their cocks win and they stop stammering and say "yes."

Terri and I looked at each other, "Horny?" I asked. "You bet," Terri replied. I grabbed Paul's hand and she took Danny's arm and we headed for the elevator. When we hit our floor there is an alcove leading to our suite. I stopped.

"Look Paul, Danny, You have a choice to make. That's our door. If you go into our suite you're going to fuck. Truly like you've never been fucked before, trust me on that. But, here's your opportunity to back out if you don't think you can handle it. We won't say anything neither will we laugh. It's your decision - Make it."

There was a pregnant pause. (Sorry!)

Paul looked at Danny. Danny looked at Paul. Paul said something I will never forget, "This is obviously the opportunity of a lifetime. Open the fucking door already!"

I did.

When I closed it I looked at both of them, looked at their hard cocks sticking out of the suits, licked my lips and said, "Out of those suits and be quick about it."

Off came their suits.

We hustled them into the shower, stripped off our suits and joined them. There were the four of us soaping each other furiously. I sure wasn't going to suck a dirty cock and they weren't going to eat a smelly pussy.

We dried each other off. I took Paul into my bedroom and Terri took Danny into hers.

About an hour and a half later we kicked them out so we could get ready for our massage.

Oh, boy, and that night we had dates with two older men who were high rollers. What's a lady to do?

bucky90403 52M

7/21/2006 9:47 am

Hi Carla, great story, I love it when things work out that way (for all four of you). The guys got what they wanted and for you and Terri, it lasted longer than 10 minutes.

I've enjoyed reading your other entries as well. Keep it up.

devilishcharm04 41M

8/3/2006 1:20 pm

I was in Tahoe for the 4th also...Damn should have spent it pool side at your hotel, instead of at Zyphr Cove...Would love to meet you the next time I'm in LA...Very Sexy LADY!

rm_lokiuy29satx 41M

8/3/2006 10:39 pm

Wow, as a man in my early 30's, that would of definitely been a dream of a lifetime to get laid by you or your friend. I "rose" to the occassion....

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