I am already frustrated  

rm_CandyMandy78 29F
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9/8/2006 10:35 am

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9/11/2006 6:17 am

I am already frustrated

Ok, I logged in today and had 12 letters in my inbox . . great I thought. I opened them and they were all from guys which said the same thing pretty much: 'I know you are looking for women here, but I'd sleep with you if you wanted' (half attached pictures of their penises too . . like maybe seeing that would change my mind). I am guessing that I am not being singled out and these people send that same message to pretty much every female on here.

I mean I wouldn't go to a woman on here that was interested in guys and say something like that . . same as I wouldn't go to a guy that was interested in guys and say that.

I of course deleted all of those letters and didn't reply to one!! If someone doesn't have enough respect too look at my profile and find out what I am/am not looking for here and say to themselves 'ok, this woman isn't looking for me . . I should move on and try to find someone else' instead of 'ok, this woman isn't looking for me . . . maybe if I send her a message letting her know that I'd sleep with her if she wanted she'd change her mind!!' then I guess I feel bad for them.

Maybe someone who has sent an email like that to a woman (or better yet one of the ones that sent one to me) could let me know the thought process there . . . I am curious.

wlfpac69 35M

9/8/2006 1:07 pm

Your comletely right on that. People really need to start reading profiles instead of just looking at pics and sending an email without know what the person wants. That is why I took my pic off my profile and only send when the right person asks.

4thoseabout2cock 52M

9/9/2006 1:56 pm

MandyCandy -

I don't think there is a "thought process" to it...that's the problem!

It's purely a waste of time sending those emails - if you've read it, and can make the determination the other person isn't interested in what you are, what's the point?

Myself, I've sent probably hundreds of emails - to potentially matching profiles - and get maybe a 1-2% response. Not sure why I come back....chatting is fun though....

Thanks! Good Luck! You'll get the right matches - review your profile, make sure it's current, make sure it's accurate (sometimes things get changed on here), and just make it casual and have fun...don't take it too seriously!


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