getting back to "normal"  

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8/23/2005 10:00 pm

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getting back to "normal"

Hd a great day today with my kids and my girl. I even went and got highlights and a haircut, I'll post the new pic tomorrow.

My wife tells me I'm hard to flirt and get kinky with because she think *I* will always try to get sex at the end.

This one just kills me, really. SHe went on ANOTHER date this afternoon, and while I understand she isn't getting LAID on these dates she does essentially have an entire city on AdultFriendFinder saying "Hi, want some dick?" I should be the SAFE one, the one NOT angling towards pussy in the end, and at the same time I think i should be also getting MORE pussy from her than say, oh I don't know, CALGARY.

To be fair, pushing for sex is never cool, relationship or not. And if I do give that vibe, then it's my bad. But talk about MIXED MESSAGES! When I left for my haircut she fondled my cock told me I look hot, growled at me and kissed me passionitly. When I come home she's chilling on the couch.

Now all the men right now say "Yeah what the fuck dude?" and all the women say "Because she wanted it then doesn't mean she wants it now." what an aggrivating difference between the sexes.

I should never walk in the door EXPECTING to fuck, and I should assume anything could have happened on the computer, with the house, with the kids to get her out of the mood while I was gone, but to be fair i DIDN'T EXPECT SEX WHEN I GOT HOME I just was doing what I thought was usual chat and I get "HEY quit hinting fuck off!"


She gets all the dates and I feel like i get all the LEFTOVER affection she wasn't able to lay on a stranger.

SHe's just so wrapped up in her little sexual revolution these days, she lives in Cyberspace, I guess when the new shiney fades off she'll put me back on like a comfortable pair of jeans. Fuck I miss being something else

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