and then the sun came out!!!  

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9/15/2005 6:15 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

and then the sun came out!!!

Well I'm so glad I dumped out that major blog cause it was just what I needed to shed all that guilt anger and dread. I'm feeling strong, fit mentally healthy and best of all the marriage (as always) is back and stronger than ever!

It seems things really honestly alwasy have been good we're just BOTH cancers and as such we're emotional and moody and ...a mess together.

Things are sorted, pressed smooth and excellent again. We're communicating, we're sharing and best of all, we're happy!

And what better way to celebrate making up and gettng happy? C'mon this is AdultFriendFinder, you know where I'm going, MASSIVE FUCK PARTY!

Holy shit what a night. To prove no jealousy, no hard feelings and that I do listen to her, I invited her 22 year old boytoy "I" (1st letter) over for an amazing three way. I'm well built despite a slight tummy, and a better than average cock, and I will admit I'm a pretty decent fuck.

However my wife loves her new guy. Young tall and skinny and very cuddly. She likes him for his energy and eagerness to please. She loves that he has a massive load when he cumms and badly wanted to fuck him, so I had him over and we fucked her silly for HOURS. I took her from behind while she sucked him off, she laid on her back and jerked both our cocks (a fav of hers) He shot a load inside her (another fetish of hers and safe under these specific circumstances) then I fucked the cum deeper into her, she sucked us fucked us sandwhiched by us, everything.

Then something odd happened. We were all manually playing with each other when I reached climax all over her (FOR THE RECORD he had already cum once, and quick too and still hadn't recovered enough for a new hard on so ha ha take that young buck who's the man) the two of them were still frisky and enjoying themselves so I decided to excuse myself. I went downstairs, had a drink of water stretched out and relaxed knowing my honey was being taken care of. No stress no jealously just a warm glow. I didn't expect a LOT more play from them but after a while I realized there was still more to the show so I went back upstairs...

when I quietly entered the bedroom there was my naked wife, spread eagle on her back in the middle of bed with another man pounding her senseless with his cock. He was drilling deep inside her and I just watched her chest rise and fall and the two of them fucked each other. I was so happy to see her pleased and I knew she was enjoying herself, so I just watched and admired my beautiful wife and her wonderful body getting what it wanted. I don't think I've ever been more turned on in my life. (AGAIN for the record he used short silly strokes and again didn't last long and lost his hard on without cumming ha ha again to youth I'm 28 and a fuck machine!!!)

My wife's just been on the clouds for two days, just the memory of the night makes her giggle and before long we're mutually masterbating again to the memory, I think everything's going to be just fine.

P.S. I kninda thought a major night like this might quench her desire for a time, but that night as we laid togehter she had to say "god I want that again!" What a slut, i'm so in love...

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