Why did I do that?  

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8/24/2005 2:18 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Why did I do that?

As more and more people at work comment on my new blondeness (my IQ seems intact) I realize I'm making major changes to my appearance. I had my left ear double pierced the day before. What's with all the change?

I'm covering it all up with my HOPEFUL upcoming promotion to our marketing depatment. Man if I can land this it'd be a huge raise and a big change to my (and my family's) way of life. I bought a new suit coast, shirts and ties, belt and now my hair and ear.

Image is everything in marketing right? I've sold myself on the idea that in order to show I know about marking I know about image and therefore personal image.

But it's all bunk.

I STRUCK out on a 5 night tour of BC, was told on average I look 35 and meanwhile My girl has guys BANGING down the door! I'm not afraid of being REPLACED I'm afrais she'll have another PREFERED lover over me.

I know i have her heart and soul and we'll always be together, but I want her to still LUST after me like she does after a few of her boy toys.

NEXT? Tattoos!

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