What's tomorrow bring?  

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8/21/2005 3:17 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What's tomorrow bring?

I've learned a few things in my time on AdultFriendFinder

By the fact I have recieved NO e-mails NO winks and NO contact despite being on her very often I've learned in many ways this is just another on-line bar. 50,000 men jumping up and down for 1 girl's attention.

I've learned that by sifting through the layers of CRAP on here you CAN find good people. My girl's found a few already, though it's always a litle easier to be the hunted than the hunter and pick and choose from suitors.

I've learned I'm okay with myself and my wife. I wish her nothing but bliss, and I hope within her personal private heart she keeps me close by as she re-claims her freedom at 30. Freedom from past aggresions, abuse, responsibilities, and my emotional baggage (sorry hun, let me get those...ahhh feel better?)

I've learned I love love itself. I want more friends, more firsts and more romance in my home life. I wan to find out what I've been missing as only a half of a whole and see as my career takes off, my marriage evolves and my kids age, see myself grow wih that

I've leared I love greek and I need to get some tiny toy girl and fuck her ass till she beggs me to stop (with pleasure and no, I won't)

I've learned not to measure my happiness by other's opinions of me but my opinion of myself. (YES YES i know you've been saying that for years i know i know dinner's on me, and a movie)

I've learned I never want to stop learning

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