I love to fuck other women  

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8/21/2005 3:11 am

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I love to fuck other women

Part of this blog will be exploring my own sexuality (of all things on AdultFriendFinder lol)

I love the thought of female toys. My girl is my soulmate and with her I enjoy all the magic and music and emotional fullfilment you only get with a PARTNER.

But I love to fuck other women. I love the "hydralics" as my girls puts it. she loves quick physical encounters with lots of mental play. I LOVE that too but i love the pounding.

I went on a little vacation to Edmonton with some buddies. Sitting in Kelowna now I wish I hadn't I've spent too much time away from home. But while I was there I met this woman.

Fuck she was horny. SHe fondled me on the dance floor and got my cock stiff. She shoved her big tits in my face and bragged about her tight pussy and ability to suck cock.


I took her into the parking lot, got her on her knees and fucked the hell out of her mouth. I used her like a toy in my toy chest as I pounded her throat. Her moans and groans vibrated the shaft of my cock untill I filled her mouth with cum. Fuck I loved it. I'd do it again.

I'm married. It wasn't another woman I enjoyed, I just enjoyed pleasure for the sake of pleasure. I feed on that energy and I'm learning how to make it my own. I love it.

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