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8/25/2005 2:25 am

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Call Oprah!

Well I've established in previous blogs I'm updating my look. (oops still need a pic) Next up is the bod.

Now I want to make CLEAR I don't think I am UNATTRACTIVE FAT OR UGLY, but it's not the same figure I had when I was 21.

I just think it's time to take better care of myself, my diet and lifestyle need to change NOW before my health becomes an issue when I'm 40. I want to be strong and active as my boys grow up.

If you believe that I have a bridge to sell you. Yes I think I look okay but the long and short of it is I WANT my girl's (and other girl's) attention back!!! SHe has SO many guys fighting for her attention she has her pick of the crop, and to admit AGAIN yes she loves me I'm #1 but I want her LUST back.


Cool thing about blogs, sometimes when you type your ideas and thoughts and problems you come up with the solution! If you're reading this (uh, you must be) you have actually witnessed a point of someone's realization as it happened. wow that was cool.

THAT'S what's BUGGING ME!!!! I solved what is IRKING me about my wife!! I never felt threatened by her guys or her lifestyle,and I know I'm #1 in her heart, but I am no longer #1 in her pussy!

Ok that's a bit too basic I know she's not out shagging Calgary and she's not LOOKING for sexual satisfaction. But I see it in her eyes when she's going out, it's like a kid at Xmas she can't WAIT to meet someone new. SHe loves that new shiney encounter she loves the anticipation of the meeting and loves the afterglow after beeing wooed like the lady she is.

I do NOT create that spark. SOMETIMES i do briefly after a haircut or new clothes, or a well charmed movie date (see my post saturday report to come) but she does NOT anticipate my arrival. AT all.

I love her, just thinking about her writing these blogs gets me hot. She still lights my fire like crazy and makes me happy and warm and giggly. Sigh I'm lonely right now...

OK WE've gotten off topic, however I had a realization so I'm excused. My blog ha ha! SO we've established I want to look good and get her lusty again, so who do you call??


A 12 week program of diet, exercise and spirit. Man I thought BEFORE this entry I was motivated this entry ITSELF has been motivating. In 12 weeks I want to go from a 40/42ish back to a 38. I want ARMS. real arms. I don't need a six pack but no more keg.

12 weeks

SO if you have read ANY of my entries please lend any support you can. I'll do daily updates MAINLY because I don't want to do a blog that says day 37, did fuck all and gave up

I won't
I want lust
And I'll lift/run/sweat/eat/sleep/blog to get it


this is a pic of the tat I'm getting

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