Friendly Fucks  

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9/30/2005 6:23 am

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Friendly Fucks

I pause to adjust the strap of my purse on my shoulder before knocking on your hotel door. I'm nervous but really horny so I hesitantly on the wood. You open the door quickly as if you knew I had been standing there and a moment of silence passes as we assess each other.

You are as I remember you, but you seem taller because I'm standing only a few inches away from. I wonder what you are thinking about me. I know my shoes are hot, black 4" stilettos, but my dress may be a little too short and tight. (Or not short and tight enough?)

You step back to let me in and I brush past you, pivoting so I'm standing inches away from you in the little hallway that runs past the hotel bathroom. I look up (but not too far up thanks to the stilettos) and reach out to grasp the front of your shirt in my right hand.

You lean down as you push the door shut with your right hand and we kiss. It's a long, hot kiss and I reflexively pull you closer to me so my body is pressed hard against yours.

We get frantic as we're kissing and I still have a death grip on your shirt. I back into the wall because my knees are shaking and you follow, breathing hotly in my ear and kissing my neck.

Then you reach down and put your hand on the inside of my left thigh, sliding your hand up until you brush against my throbbing clit. I whimper and shift my hips in your direction.

You start gently rubbing your fingers against my slit. Your fingers are getting slick and you're keeping me pinned against the wall so I can't move towards the sweetness.

"Please fuck me?" I whisper and then gasp as you push two fingers into my pussy. My dress has ridden up to my waist and I hadn't even noticed when my thong had fallen to my ankles. I spread my legs a little, closing my eyes to focus on your fingers. "Please?" I ask again.

You duck your head down and whisper back, "okay" and you back away a moment so you can unzip your pants. You let your pants fall but keep your boxers on, pulling your cock out.

I'm incredibly wet and my pussy is throbbing in anticipation. "Don't tease me," I mutter. And then I'm suddenly pressed between you and the wall again, although you've lifted me up a little and then your cock sinks into my pussy.

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