He just won't stop rambling.  

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3/22/2006 11:23 pm
He just won't stop rambling.

There's a bit of progress to report for those of you out there keeping score. I'm treating this as more of a diary entry than a story telling forum, so it's a good thing nobody out there cares what I have to say. Although I hope that there are plenty of stories. For the sake of these ramblings, we'll call my fiancee K. The point of this site is discretion, so I'm not gonna call out anybody's name.

There's a female I ran into Friday that is interested. Then she met some dude Saturday that she was really into, now her and the dude are just gonna be friends, whatever. I think if I can get K over this girl's age (she's 21 and kinda immature) that might happen. We've also been contacted by someone from this site since my last post that seems like a good possibility. I like her, she's looking for the same outcome we are, and it doesn't seem like she's full of shit. Not sure yet how interested K is, but I'm hoping. There's also a couple from this site that K wants to spend some time getting to know, although I'm not really into the couple thing yet. I realize that in the spirit of this site, she should be able to play just as much as me and I think I'll get to that point eventually, just not yet. I like to think that this site will help us open doors and discover new interests, but there's a chance that I just wanna see two chicks go at it. If the former is the truth, I'm sure we'll move on to swapping and couples and anything else she wants to do, but for now I'm still a bit insecure when it comes to my fiancee with another guy. If the latter is true, then I'm just a pervert. I wish I knew the difference.

So anyway. One of her friends was over last night and pulled her tits out (36D) and told K to feel them. Good times. Unfortunately, thats the end of that story. I have also been dared to find a female for me to play with alone. Not sure how serious she was about that, so I'm not following up on that. Yet. Been invited to a strip club this weekend, but I doubt we'll go. Been invited to the gay bar by a bartender friend of mine, but I'm still a bit leery of that.

That's it and that's all for now. I hope there aren't too many of you out there whose time I am wasting. In case there are, I'll try and keep these shorter from now on. Writing has always been a release for me, but I haven't done it in a long time. I'll try and simplify the whole thing from now on.

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