man, when i fuck up....  

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8/14/2005 3:51 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

man, when i fuck up....

I REALLY fuck up...

Went to CCcouple25m27f's party tonight. everything was find then, all of a sudden, me and my lady got into a fight, and i SERIOUSLY lost my temper. no, i didn't hit anyone, though my truck has a couple nice new dents with knuckel prints in them. I really made an ass of myself, and i won't make any excuses. I do hope everyone that was there reads this sometime, because i'm very, very sorry i behaved so badly. I humbly ask your forgiveness, and hope next time won't be a repeat.

But Most of all, i wish to appologize to My Lady, for being such an ass. Nothing she did or said deserved what i gave her. I, as usual, over reacted. While i did have reason to be upset, i did NOT have reason to be as out there as i was.

I'm sorry Baby, and i thank the lord that you love me enough to forgive my faults, even when they're as unforgivable as this.

No excuses, nothing. I wish i'd been in a better mood cause there was quite a show put on, too, but i couldn't apprecaite it.

Lord Damien

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