knight in slightly tarnished armor?  

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8/12/2005 2:01 pm

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knight in slightly tarnished armor?

Man, i'm such a sucker for a damsel in distress. Yesterday i spent a couple hours helping this little blond fix her and her hubbies van (too bad she was married, she was cute, but i don't think HE would be open to this sort of relationship), THEN today I went back out into 90 degree weather with no shade to help the sister-in-law of a colegue of my mothers. SHE was VERY pregnant and autozone was being less than helpful, as usual. they aperently expected her to do all the work. I don't care if they DON"T pay me for this shit, you don't do that to a pregnant woman. They have enough on their hands without you adding to it.

I guess i just can't help it. i have to help people who need it. I do have to admit that i'm more inclined to help women than men, but that's because i expect most men to know at least a little about the car they drive. And i'm not saying women aren't mechanicly inclined, or can't be bothered or anything, i'm just saying that Usually you can tell when a woman knows what they're doing, but Men BS you 'cause THEY Think they should know more than they do, too.

Generally, if the terms "whatchamacallit", "thingy", or "dohicky" ever enter into a conversation, they don't know what they're doing and badly need your help. REAL mechanics call it a "doomaflitchy" anyway.

Lord Damian,
signing off

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