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10/23/2005 2:10 am

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ho hum

ok, i'm really freaking bored, and not getting laid right now (female issues on her part, i'm not in the dog house or anything. ) so this is going to be a bit of a ramble.

Life sux sometimes. my baby's out of action for the time being, and of the other two women i'm interrested in, ones too far away (gas and money situation being what it is) and the other isn't on my baby's 'approved' list yet. The only new couple we've met we're interrested in lives over 5 hours away, not good for a slow building of a relationship.

Riot, so lots of lube for me, and remember to give them knuckles a rest, gotta watch out for arthritus, after all. good thing there's porno. i just don't get as much out of it if it's not "personal". I could watch my friends screw almost any time and get more out of it than any of the painted up dolls in porno. I know them, i KNOW they're not acting. I don't even have to participate. By allowing me to watch they're including me more than some actual relationships i've had. go figure, right?

yea, i like to watch. i like to BE watched. don't ask me what i get out of it, i just know i enjoy it.

and now onto the next subject.

anyone who knows me knows i'm really into R/C Cars. Yea, i know, out of place on this board, but, hell with it, it's my damn blog, idn't it?

So, i like R/C's. Well, Radio Shack just came out with their new model of Xmod. very very cool stuff, and NOW they have Trucks!!!. being a red blooded texan, i have a thing for trucks. My earliest memories are of riding with mom or dad in one truck or another (i miss my dads truck. i wish my step mom hadn't screwed me out of it, but then, she did that over everything she could).

I need to get new tires for my RC18T but the ones i want are on back order. I burned the tread off my stockers. not made for asfault, i guess. also, those cost more than a brand new Xmod. not by much, but enough to make a difference.

I'm thinking about picking up an IWaver, too, for a speed machine, but we'll have to see about that. japanese import duties are a bit of a killer there...

man, i need to pull out of this funk. later all.

Oh, and my new Racer Insult. "Man, my Cat drifts Better than you...." inside joke, trust me, its funny as hell, but you gotta know about drifting at least.

later folks

Lord Damian

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