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//-- now that's something i'd love to see...
\\-- havn't yet, but i'd love to see it.

well, i can't sleep, again, and nothings on tv. Porn's not what i'm in the mood for, nor are any of the movies we have. No one's up (cept me he he he ) and the Lady has to go in in 3 hours to cover for her manager, who's father-in-law died. That's what i'm really in the mood for. to spend time with her, talking, cudling, and fucking. But, since she works and i don't, and we need the money, she's getting to sleep through nights like this.

Usually a few of my friends are up, but in a few cases they've had a scheduling change so are either at work or asleep by now, one or two have had their net cut off for various reasons, and they should be asleep anyway, and this seems to be the night that everyone else decided to go off and take naps.

And i need to go to court today. Over the wreck i was in. I hate going to court. they make you wait in this little closet to wait, because the city couldn't be arsed to actually build a real courthouse, so they took over a shopping arcade and paid very little for very poor internal construction. freaking walls move when you breath. And it's not a judge i know so i don't know what to expect.

I hate not knowing what i'm getting into. Surprise is all well and good, but surprises that could involve getting your ass slapped behind bars, or the suspension of an absolutly vital piece of plastic (my drivers liscense), are in a class by themselves. I know i shouldn't be, but i'm scared as hell over this. I've been through this a couple times, to be honest, not like i have a clean driving record or anything. But repetition don't make it easier. And before, when i HAD to see a judge, i knew 'em. Comes from growing up in a small town. Infact one time i got treated as a minor even though i was well over the age of concent because the judge refused to admit the passage of time.

on the erotica side of things, well, not a whole hell of a lot. The Lady and I bought a box full of porno, fair to decent stuff. STill working our way through it. She's decided she wants to learn to deepthroat so she's preacticing that, we bought some mint goodhead gel (yea, i know, it dosn't numb anything, but mint does.) Seems to be helping, gives her about another inch (which works out to well over half a 7 inch cock, impressive when you consider how tiny she is) and i sure as hell aint gonna tell her she can't practice as often as she wants. i'm not a TOTAL moron.

Extramarital wise (why fight it, we're already maried in everyones eyes but the state), there's, well, not much more going on. She's decided she wants to try a DP (that's double penetration) but we're not sure who the other "he" is going to be. Of the three couples we're that comfortable with, one's out cause he dosn't use condoms (says he can't but that's bull, he dosn't want to is all. least he's keeping to monogomy even if he's not making her do the same, though she's pretty exlusive, and DOES use condoms, I understand), the other is pretty busy with HER work and trying to keep up with it, and HE's looking for work, and the third, well, that's a paragraph all to its own.

Ok, the third couple. Well, first they both work full time, so there's a time issue. second, I don't know how they feel, but i'm not sure if debbies ready for that step yet. she hasn't said she is, but she also hasn't said she isn't. And on the same note, i'm not sure if THEY'RE ready for that. All flirtation aside, i havn't been told in plain english they were, so i don't dare make assumptions. I can be pretty sure he's ready to take a crack at My Lady, though, but then, who wouldn't be? I'm more than ready to get with his extremely sexy wife, too, but, well, i'm not going to rush things.

and on to the 4th and final possability. The only guy that she and i actually share. Between working 60 hours a week and being a family guy he rarely has time to come over and visit, much less anything else, and when he HAS time for anything else we're usually done before either I or My lady remembers what she wants to try. *grin*

we've actually had a couple contacts from a few couples, though i have yet to actually speak to them, and a couple single guys, though that number gets drasticly smaller when i weed out the guys who either can't or didn't read our pofile and the ones only hoping for more pics of her. Not going to happen, guys. while we will be posting an album, it will be for select and trusted members of our network. Though since most of those people don't even read our profile i'm sure they won't read this either.

and with that, i think i'll see about some more sleep.

Signing off once again,

Lord Damien

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