IT! IS! ALIVE!!!!!!!!  

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12/12/2005 10:44 pm

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IT! IS! ALIVE!!!!!!!!

more or less. sorry folks, when i've had something to type about recently, i've been too depressed or tired to type it, or it's just been whiney. Problems are problems and i'm sure everyone here has enough of them, and i KNOW none of you want to listen to mine.

anyway, i have some news. We've met a couple with whom we seem totally compatable, who don't have a problem with taking things slow. Lovely young lady, and a big bull of man (dude makes ME feel small, and those of you who know me know that's rare). I'm not jumping in with both feet, but things do look promising. we'll just ride this wave for a while and see if it crests. (eh. too much salt water in my blood i guess)

We managed to get to renfair for a bit, too. not much there, and one of my favorite vendors didn't make it (the Hot Sauce lady, as my lady calls her) but i did find a cool sword (that i can't quite afford yet) and made a few business contacts.

and i finally found porn that debbie will watch for HER sake and not mine. go figure she'd be into Bi Male stuff. not surprising, since she likes watching me, i guess, but i'd've never figured it.

Other than that, well, it's the holidays, and this isn't the easiest time of the year for me. it's hard to go through this season, since my father died. *shrug* i'm not going to dwell on it, just sorta posting whats on my mind. at least i have friends who care about me, now, and call or IM to ask how i'm doing (though most of them are too busy (legitimately, gotta make a living and put food on the table) to visit right now).

oh, and it looks like i'll actually get to FIX my bloody computer, finally, for christmas. wonder if i'll be able to get my sword, or maybe an Xmod, too. (i know, i'm such a kid sometimes... we.. all the time, actually) I was hoping i would be working by now and could put a couple dildoes and vibrators under the tree for My Lady, but that hasn't come through, either. ah, well, day at a time i guess.

Keep your 10 in the wind, folks.

Lord Damian

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