The definition: An Ending  

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9/25/2005 7:38 am

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The definition: An Ending

Hey everybody it's Carl. I appreciate the participation of all of you in this blog and would like to see more by the new members but unfortunately I'm leaving this site because it has lost its spark in my opinion. Before I could bang out anything that comes to mind but now I'll have to use my skills in communication for something more rewarding. There is no use for a good guy like me here anymore but I'll still be leaving this blog here for those who want to post some messages but I just won't be around to see them. SO I hope you enjoy yourselves and find some good pussy or good dick on here. Just remember to express yourself your true self and people will respect you for being honest and humble. Peace to my niggas and kisses to my bitches!


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10/11/2005 12:52 am

I know what you mean about this site because I am a pretty good person and I really do not think that I belong here but I like what you had to say you seem real and I like that not to many people even know who they are anymore. I have been to that point and back again so I know how it feels to loose yourself and almost your mind before you find the real you again; just hang in there it will get better I promise. I like what you had to say about thickness in a woman, because I used to be a little thick and I can remember getting picked on in school by the guys and even when I started working in a bar after I graduated I was thicker than I should have been and guys that I was interested in would not give me the time of day BUT EVERY DOG HAS IT'S DAY and I am haveing mine now. I lost all of my weight after working out every day in a gym for 8 months and I started realizeing that I had only lost 5 pounds and so I went to my Doctor and told him what was going on and he found that my gal bladder was full of stones and had been that way for a while it was not breaking down any of the fats I was eating so ever time I ate any fatty foods the fat was pretty well staying with me. Mind everone that I was 24 I am 5ft. 7 1/2in. tall and I weighed about 180 back then which my doctor told me that I was lucky because most people do not even catch it until the galbladder goes to hurting and by that time they weigh so much that they do not ever lose the weight because of being so fat and out of shape by that time, but I was determined to have the body to go along with the face & eyes to die in as I have been told so many times. I have always known that I have a pretty face and thought that I was just cursed with an overweight body. I remember thinking to myself so many times how I wish I had the body to go with the rest of my inner beauty and my pretty face just so I could do to all the guys who placed me aside for some other woman that they only wanted for her looks. Working in a bar I knew everyone and the same old hore's got taken home by ever good looking new guy that walked threw the door. It is really sick but true, so if you go to a bar always make friends with the bartender first because she or he can give you the lowdown on who to DO and who not to DO if you want to be safe that is. Some guys do not care because to them it is just another notch in their belt, but what they don't think about is the good women they are passing up their rights to because a good woman will not touch you with a ten foot pole if she sees you with a trashy hore that means to most women stay away from him unless you want something Ajex won't wash off; as my mother would put it. So to all the guys that think that actions don't have consequences I guess you have not met anyone like me because I am straight forward and if you ask me why I will not go home with you I would give you an answer you would never forget because beleive me when I was bigger you guys held nothing back when giveing me the cold shoulder so I guess that is why I am so blunt now. I only weigh 138 now so I went from a size 14 to a size 4-6 so that is a huge difference and most anyone I met before would not reconize me now. So here is were I can tear down the men and their ego's the way they had done me in the past. What is funny is when I tell them why I turned them down and what they did and said to me in the past they don't believe it. They all become friends with me I guess trying to fix what they did but what they don't understand is that I forgave everyone but I just choose to pick my men by the way they are on the inside and not on the outside. I cause fights sometime because some men get mad when I turn them down to dance and go dance with someone that they don't think is good looking enough to be on the dance floor with me. They worry about their looks when that happens because they think that they should be on the floor with a beautiful woman so that the woman can make that big ego on him just a little bit bigger than it already is. A man with a big ego is like a stick of dynomite sooner or later it will blow up in your face and the what will you have but a scared face that you will be praying a woman will see past but when she does you better hope you have more in there that a broken ego or she will not be able to find the real you. This is what happened to me no one wanted to find or see the real me until I looked so good they found not me but my apperence that was hidden by me at one time that no one found because they did not look because they were to big into looking for the lookes on the outside to ever be able to see the real beauty on the inside until it was to late. So to everone if you turn someone away because of their lookes it may come back to bite you in the ass one day so you might want to give everyone the same chance and always be nice. I believe you have to be attracted to someone to date them but remember that the attraction may not always be on the outside of someone so make sure you dig deep before turning someone away. Love everyone and hate on yourself for mistakes you make and the choices you make that were not so good, because you can only fix your mistakes or your problems. Please remember this anytime you are trying to bitch about your ex because it was not their fault for the choice you made to be with them was all yours. Try to always find the beauty in everone and it will be much easier to get along with everyone, because you can always concentrate on that one good point about a person even if you do not praticulary like that person you can tolerate them long enough to get away from them without ruining anybodies day over something stupid that you can avoid by being the bigger person. well here is my story I hope you enjoy always remember to be yourself no matter what, and keep it real....
Rhonda S.

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