The Definition: Loyalty  

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7/5/2005 4:24 pm

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The Definition: Loyalty

What's up friends, it's Carl. I want to take a moment and give you deeper understanding of me. A "definition" I may.

One thing, in this whole wide life, my life, is that I'm not one to sugar coat anything. Matter of fact I had to persuade a young lady that she wasn't right for me and tell her to leave me alone. I'm sorry if I hurt her feelings, but, I'm not going to put up with something I can't.

It's funny, how women are always telling us to be more honest, don't lie to me. So I don't lie. It's fucked up because we don't really care what they do with themselves (mainly me) and giving them what they want makes it easier to get to business.

Another thing that's big with me is loyalty. Now , when I used to be younger I was like the go to guy when my cousins and family live with me. I pretty much raised all of them. But' since then we grew apart. It's my loyalty and commitment to them will always be there fueling my passion and willingness to keep loving my family through.
That was another definition of me.

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