Life is funny  

rm_CBfleXXX 35M
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6/15/2005 5:38 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Life is funny

For the past week I've been distraught and feeling ill in heart and mind. I've been out the military close to two months now and trying to get in school, looking for a place to stay, and trying to find a job. I was so close to getting into school that they had my schedule and everything prepared I was supposed to be in orientation the 21st of this month and start school by the 28th. Unfortunately while I was in Iraq, I never had a chance to do my taxes, so, I couldn't get Financial Aid and during the move the paper work got lost so I couldn't do my taxes. So, what now, you ask. Well, now I won't be able to start school until next tax season. Not that bad, you say. Well, that brings me to the next thing, a job. Every since the day after I got out of the military and came home, I've been looking for a job, and that was what May 5th. Guess what, I'm still looking, I must have filled out 30 applications, submitted my resume about 80 times, and called almost all the jobs in the paper. Mind you I was in the military, and had almost 5yrs experience in any job you can name. I did it all! From Information Technology to data entry, Advertising and Telecommunications to landscaping and janitorial work. When I go to these places that say they are hiring when I get down there they're only excepting applications. This shit is really frustrating, but, it's funny because, I was expecting to be on my feet about a month out and reality slapped the shit out of me. OH, and get this I might be a daddy soon too, it just keeps getting better! Now with the above information provided do you think I can support a child? Oh, yeah, and the mom might be going to jail too. Yeah, is there anything good coming up for me? Am I this unlucky? Why me? Why am I here on this planet if I can't get anything good out of life? Is this grounds for suicide? What the fuck is my problem? Life is funny. Not funny "ha ha" but funny "uh oh". Holla back!

rm_kaaia 53F
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6/15/2005 7:09 am

I sympathize with you... I have been on a streak of misfortune myself. You know, I asked the same things you are, even attempted to end it, then someone asked me "Why not you?". They were right. Why not? I was even told, you know the old biblical jargon... the Man upstairs won't put anything on you that you can't handle. Yeah, right. He must have me confused with a linebacker somewhere because my shoulders are not that broad. Advice... I can tell you first hand, you have to deal with each obstacle one at a time. If you try to conquer it all at one time you will stay overwhelmed and you will not be able to accomplish anything positive. Sit down and write it out if you have to. Problem - resolution. It's really not as difficult as we make it. We run with our emotions and that's when we get all complicated and confused. You will get past this... it's only temporary. LOL

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