You're my number one..  

rm_ByNaomi 35F
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1/27/2006 12:53 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

You're my number one..

You're my number one and I lav ya!

we shared some good times and I'm looking forward to be sat in our rocking chairs together, watching the sunset when we're 75 years old!

Can you see it?
Sun reflecting on the water, our dogs playing on the lawn..? LOL!!!
We'll be the most terrific, grumpy old ladies in the street! Living together after realizing no man will marry us.. Hahaha!!
People shall wonder if we're lesbos, widows.. Or just related??? (You know what I mean)

Nah, seriously though.. I think we both have many fantastic years ahead of us, actually.. The thought of the future puts a big smile on my face
Having you right beside me, holding my hand... WOW! What more is there to want??
I have you.. And I will always be there for you! Nothing shall keep us apart!

You're everything a girl can ever wish for in a friend. I can't find words to describe how grateful I am to have you!
I surely do appreciate you babes!

You're truly my No. 1 and the first member of my crew!!

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pleasureyourclit 66M
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1/27/2006 1:42 pm

Great friendships are hard to come, but seems you have one and it will only get better as time passes on on.

Really nice post Naomi,

Plano69 54M

1/31/2006 2:25 pm

How can two babes like you ever end up lonely? You don't need a man, but I bet all you have to do is snap your fingers if you want one (or two )...

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