Just talking shit about life and the universe..  

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6/15/2006 3:35 am

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Just talking shit about life and the universe..

Okay, so life ain't that bad right now.
I've found understanding, sex and love. I've found respect..
I've found a man, who I met through this site, who is the one that has given me all of the above. I consider myself lucky.

I've recently spent a week in Spain that was wonderful, I went there with my best friend Almost Rusty, my loving man and a friend of his.
It was perfect, full of laughter and joy.
We enjoyed the beach, the pool, the shopping, the great wine and food.
Sitting outside until late in just a top and a skirt talking shit about life and the universe made me really appreciate time off work!
And going back to it..

I have two jobs.
One in constructions during days and the other one at night clubs, during nights.. Duh?!
I love working but most of all I love the freedom making money that are just mine brings me

- So, am I a materialist?

Sure, I admit it. I love my stuff..
I love my traveling..
I love that the only thing that keeps me from doing what I want to do and going where I want to go is the lack of time.

- So, am I a control freak?

OK, well sure.. I admit being that too..
But on the other hand I really do appreciate when someone, man or woman, are able to bring me out of control once in a while..
Just spices up life a bit

- So, am I a romantic?

Hell, yeah!
I'm all for love, the mushiness, the holding hands, the candles, the cheesy music, the kissing, the aaahhhs' and the yeeeess'

So what's up with my wining?
Well problems are meant to be solved, right?
With enough time and space for consideration one is almost able to solve just about anything or what do you reckon?

Small problems - large problems
They're all "just problems"..
None are more or less important depending on whereabouts and how abouts you're entering a certain stage in your life..
(no.. I haven't been smoking pot recently, I'm just making excuses about having problems with finishing this post, OK??! )

So where is this wining getting me then..?
Actually no where else where I'm not at already!
I'm taking a break from "real life"!
I'm home alone, with a cold and a broken fridge/freezer.
I'm flying to London at 6.40 AM tomorrow morning and am not returning until next week.
Fingers crossed that I wont return to a house in total chaos!
Irony of it all is that I've just decided to renovate my kitchen and spent the whole of last week running around comparing prices on new floors, fridges and kitchen furniture.
Plan was to start renovating within two weeks!
NOT worrying about leaks and shit while being away trying to have a good time in London town!
This is freaking bad timing, OK?!


Okay, enough with the blow out.
I'm done now.
- Thank you all for the attention,
please stay seated until we're fully parked, hopefully somewhere where it's a bit less windy than at Naomi's' place..

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rm_anacortes 74M
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6/15/2006 2:37 pm

Thanks for sharing.... hug....

elysianpleasure 47M

6/15/2006 9:10 pm

Doesn't sound like whinning... sounds like life... sounds pretty good.

Sorry about your cold and fridge...

Have a good and safe trip to London...

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