I miss my the spooning..  

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8/20/2005 7:37 pm

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I miss my the spooning..

Back home from work again and still not tired.. What the f*** is wrong with my sleeping ability??

I have changed strategy on the whole Mr situation, not really against him but against myself.. I mean, why even bother? It's obvious that no one is moving yet.. But it would have been nice if it all had worked out though..
And we were just sooooo compatible! - Why, why, why can't just the wind blow my way for a while?? Just a while..
Forget and move on! There are definately more lands to conquer out there and I guess I'm not getting any younger so why not just pack the bag and start discovering?? (hmm.. I think I'll start in London..lol)

The touching... Damn, I really miss that! Just gentle plain touching that moves your whole body to levels that no words can describe.. (no words in this world anyway)

But over to something more fun and interesting that has actually made me very happy and very, very much attatched..
I think I might have met someone.. Gosh! I just love the tickeling feeling you get in your stomach when proof of lifes renewal abilities just drops right infront of you..
- like being struck by lightning!
More updates on that matter another day!

This is Naomi reporting live to you from Hornyville, Stockholm.
Over and out!

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