Brush it baby!!  

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3/8/2006 9:07 am

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Brush it baby!!

Finished work today and decided to
swing by the Supermarket on my way home.
Walking through lanes of vegetables in search of Spinach (I hear it's suppose to be healthy)for my lunch box tomorrow when I remembered I needed tooth paste as well.
Stroved through endless shelfs filled with pasta, cereals and then finally! There it was! The tooth paste! (My exciting lifestyle)

Whitening, caries control..? HM..?
Glanced over rows of colorful boxes and my eyes were caught by the tooth pastes companion, the tooth brush!
Thoughts flew through my tired mind - I do need a new brush.. But which one..??
There were about 10 different brands with 10 different brushes each, to choose among so it took me about 15 minutes !
Tooth paste included though!

Walked over to pay for my single shopping and went straight home.
Un-packed everything and was just about to reach for my new tooth set when I realised I've come home with not one tooth brush but four?!!

What was I thinking?? Extra white teeth?
Extra clean teeth?
Aaahh.. Coin fell down..
Extra tooth brush in case..
In case of spontaneous sleep overs..

I'm not so stupid after all...
But oooh, just sooooo understanding, PMSL!!
Thinking about it, it all made sense!
After all, what do we usually miss the most when we're spending the night at someone else's place?
When it's time for sleep and you can hear the other person (hopefully a guy in my case, lol)
brushing their teeth before laying down next to you for a cuddle and some spooning.. One last kiss and you feel you've just eaten while the other person both tastes and smells fresh! Eeeeww!

No wonder there might not be a second kiss...

How hygienic are you before going to bed?
And how do you prefer your partner to be?

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londongames 36M

3/9/2006 7:47 am

PMSL.... lol, Naomi, do we have a linked brainwave or something?? I was just writing today about kissing and brushing teeth lol.....

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