and the Baal Shem says.....  

rm_BuckinFeans2 60M
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8/5/2006 1:00 pm
and the Baal Shem says.....

A man of piety complained to the Baal Shem, saying, "I have labored hard and long in the service of the Lord, and yet i have received no imporovement. I am still an ordinary and ignorant person."
The Baal Shem answered, "You have gained the realization that you are ordinary and ignorant, and this, in itself, is a worthy accomplishment."

And ain't that the truth? Many of my friends call upon me in various ways as they believe I'm one of those 'guys who knows how to do things'. And, with no false modesty, I will admit that I'm pretty good at many different disciplines, from calming a scared child to building a house.
Within this sense of accomplishment is the realization of how very much I don't know. I've read voraciously since a youngster myself and alot of what I apply in the world comes from books. My own house is filled with books with I do still refer to when needed or desired. Yes, desired. As an aside here, I was one of those wacky kids that actually read the whole encyclopedia. And I do believe that a great use of the Internet/web is to check on techniques, recipes, and other 'how-to' type things.
that's really the only difference t'wixt my friends and i, from so many years of checking and looking stuff up, I've become somewhat adept at ferreting out info when it's needed.

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