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8/10/2006 12:01 am

There it is. The word. Sitting there all alone. Out of context, not bothering a soul.But you and i know this is the worst word in the world. People have killed each other over this word, that's how dirty it is.
If you were brought up in America, you no soonerlearned the word fuck, than you learned you were not allowed to use it. Later you discovered that there were a hundred other words, just like that, the most meaningful and to-the-point words you ever heard, but every single one of them was strictly taboo. Later as you grew into adulthood, you found you had to make The Choice.
When I want to say "fuck", what word shouldI use?
Your Choice revealed alot about you - your social ambitions, your upbringing, your sexual freedom.It also determined some things about your future - for example, the type of sex partners you attracted. (People who say fuck wouldn't be caught dead fucking people who call it consortium. And people who callit consortium would rather remain celibate than consort with people who say fuck.)
Furthermore the word is awesomely powerful. There is an equivilant of fuck in every language - always taboo. The astonishing power of the word is that everywhere people observe the taboo; no other law or custom has ever made people conform so obediently. If the human race were as ashamed of war as we are of the word fuck, this planet would have enjoyed uninterrupted peace for the last 3000 years.
Indeed there is something mystic about the word "fuck". Among dirty words, it is the original, the inventors' model, the prototype. Because of fuck we say "four-letter words" to designate all obscenities. Moreover, once you conquer your fear of hearing, reading and saying the word fuck, all the other dirty words are instantly neutralized. When that happens, you realize there are no dirty words, only puritanical guilt.

Fuck is an orphan; nobody is quite sure where it came from. Some say it comes form the German word for sexual intercourse ‒ ficken. A lot of people claim it has Anglo-Saxon origins. Another theory is completely disenchanting; it contends that fuck represents the initials of For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge ‒ a kind of medieval stamp of disapproval. What a disappointment, to find out even fuck has a Puritan ancestry.
When you consider it’s painful history, you begin to feel sorry for the poor little four letter creature; you find yourself admiring it’s courage and perseverance. The word has been through hell.

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