Travel Plans - Where I am, where I  

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10/22/2005 3:39 am

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Travel Plans - Where I am, where I

People keep asking where I'm going, so I thought I could post things here to let them know. Always looking to meet new friends.

For CURRENT Places I'm hiding and where I'm going soon: Look at NEXT

Back in Las Vegas on Tuesday, still doing NY/LI
Know anything happening on Long Island?
10/22 I'm here, NO there isn't.

Lots of great parties for Halloween. Maybe going to LA, give me a reason. Any good excuse!

Still in NYC and Long Island 11/12 to 11/16 that has included a few side trips to NJ. New York is going to be a regular thing.

Going to LA for 11/16 to 11/20 for the show, lots of parties and the XBiz Awards!!!
Then back for home for the weekend. Will need sleep Didn't get it.

11/25 Back to NYC again and I'm hoping to be awake later on Long Island for to see some new friends. Looks like I'm here until 12/15. At least that's what the etickets say now. They can change. 12/15 Still here but leaving for home!

Was actually in LAS VEGAS!!!
But not staying long.

Salt Lake City, Utah 12/18-12/20. I'm here. Lots of very pretty women trying to get my attention in Salt Lake and I'm hoping to have a chance to meet them all
Actaully met only a few, but gt some good work done. Had a blog-worthy experience leaving Salt Lake. Will have t post that later.

NY for the Holidays. Getting ready for the big shows in Las Vegas. It's that time of the year again!

1/4/06 to 1/8/06. Dozens of parties, every night all week long. These are Adult Industry Events. Be prepared! Be ready! Be There!

Email me for details and to get On Private VIP Guest List!
Hey, that's real email for those that have it!

More than 100 AdultFriendFinder people were added to that Guest List. Only three, YES just 3 actually made it into the parties. Would have gotten everyone in, but most everyone chickened out at the last minute. You all missed the best time.

The parties were incredible, the stuff of legend. All 53 of them!!! Went to about 30 of those, lost count somewhere around that Friday night. The suite parties were the best. Everything goes in the suites at the Venetian... starting with clothes and inhibitions!

Did Detroit, for a couple of cold days, missed meeting a HotNSexy friend, but then again it wasn't a suprise.

In NYC now for about a week. Returning to Vegas for the TV convention, just for Monday and Tuesday. Hopefully closing on my place, then on back to NY... Got to that party at Sam's on the 28th!

Got back to NYC for 12/28/05 and made it to Sam's very late. Didn't see anyone recognizable from AdultFriendFinder, but fun enough to be willing to try again.

Went back to Vegas take care of my place, then back to NY. Someday will write a book about the fun and nonsense of Fashion Week. Not safe to describe here... but you can email me!

2/25/06 Still in NY, back and forth between NYC and Long Island. Lot of people to do and stuff to see while I'm stuck here. What's with the snow?

9/06 Vegas, Miami, TEXAS! But it may wait a few weeks. Got to get settled in first.

Been a while since I updated this. Figured I should let everyone know I noticed

OK, still going everywhere. Feels like the same five cities every month, but it really is more complicated than that and hard to predict with more than a few days notice. New York is geeting to feel like home again, so is Vegas. LA will never feel like home, but I'm seeing a lot of it. London is getting interesting too.

Honest, AdultFriendFinder has been so much less thna useful for everything that it is getting me low on the list of things to keep current.

My friends, you all should know how to really reach me by now. They changed things with membership so I don't think my replies to messgaes herte go through. If takes me a while to reply anywhere else, don't feel bad, I still like you! (Probably) and am just traveling somewhere.

Miami, Orlando, Tampa! Summer on the Beach! London smewhere in there, and if London, maybe my friends in Europe can talk me into a side trip... or maybe they want to see London too?

Travel plans are still flexible...

Work keeps moving my schedule, but sometimes it moves it in the right direction.

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10/26/2005 2:37 pm

When are you coming to Texas?

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11/15/2005 2:48 am


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1/12/2006 9:12 pm

OK, all of you supposedly super-cool sex crazed fun loving pretty people in Vegas that wanted to go to all of those amazing parties -- Nooooo, the ones that BEGGED ME to be allowed in to those parties, what happened to you all? Tickets were there, limos were waiting, where were all of you? Special exceptions for the three (3!!!) of you brave enough to show up. The rest of you missed some truly great times.

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