My Christmas present....  

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1/12/2006 7:04 am

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My Christmas present....

I have a friend with benefits from work, my geek friend I have spoken of before. Since I stole his virginity in the backseat of his car a year or so ago he has come so far as my friend and lover.
So, for christmas he decided to get us a motel so we would have a little time, privacy and some room to stretch out for a change.
But being the geek that he is he does like to plan things to a certain degree. So he gave me a short list of things to bring along, including a mint massage cream that has a NICE tingle to it, and my favorite little toy, Bob.
So the big night arrives, and so does he, just a tad early. He is rather eager to begin, and in his eagerness he promptly backs his car into the ditch beside my driveway. We did finally, with a neighbors help manage to get the car out. Mishap one.....
We get to the motel with no problems, check in and go to the room and get settled in. The first hour together was great, he made me promise however that that first hour was strictly no further than underwear foreplay...and when that hour was up we were so beyond ready that the actual sex was over in about 10 minutes, but that wasn't a problem,that's more than enough time for me with that kind od build up, and we had all night after all.
So we talk a bit and catch our breath, and after a while he asks if I'd brought the massage cream. So I break it out and begin to apply a bit to the area directed...and notice that he had shaved. so I used the cream sparingly as to not irritate his freshly shaved skin,he uses soem for me in a few different areas and all goes well until that tingle REALLY sets in...and neither of us can wait. He decides he wants to take me from behind this time, and all goes well until my first orgasm ... I tend to gush or squirt, and the residue from the cream hit that freshly shaved skin...NOT a good thing, but trouper that he is, he ignored the pain and finished us both off well...
Needless to say the recovery time was longer this time and involved a cool rag to the affected area.
But there was a round three that was VERY successful and mishap free.
Round 4 involved Bob, which was just fine with me, I figured after round 3 there would be a substantial recovery time. But all was going well and he decided to turn Bob to the OMG setting...pushed him in deep and then let go to turn for the massage cream...The orgasm was sudden and strong, and my friend turns just in time to see Bob shooting across the which point my friend breaks int a fit of the giggles that lasts for 10 minutes. We called it a night at that point...How was your Christmas?

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