Laughing yourself sexy  

UnlitMaserSaxon 54M/52F
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8/4/2005 9:02 am

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Laughing yourself sexy

They say that all members of the opposite sex become attractive after five beers. I'm not sure which part of that theory is more sad: the fact that desirability can be so easily manipulated chemically, or the fact that, in order to convince yourself that somebody is attractive, you have to render yourself virtually incapable of doing anything about it. Regardless, I think that theory is a load of crap.

I have my own version. "Any member of the opposite sex becomes attractive after you've shared 2 good boughts of mutual laughter." Maybe it's the frustrated comedian in me craving validation. But put a woman beside me at a bar and if we start laughing in our conversation, the carnival tent goes up immediately.

Maybe I've hit on something. Maybe Max Factor and Mabeline have been pimping their products and views on sexual appeal, getting all you ladies hooked on products you don't actually need. Personally, I much prefer the natural look. It's always struck me as odd that people can point at trees, or flowers or flocks of geese and comment on how unalterably beautiful Mother Nature is, but when you present them with their own face in the mirror, they have to spend God-awful piles of money and time 'correcting' her mistakes.

If you put all that time into tweaking the visuals, is it any wonder that you end up attracting guys who won't meet your eye when you're talking to them? If you're trying to meet a guy who has a brain and likes talking to you (before, after or while pounding you into the sheets), maybe you should be primping the personality more, and the package less.

So here's a proposal. Next time you find yourself getting ready to go out on the town, spending an hour in front of the mirror practicing the dark arts of foundation and rouge, why not try spending 10 minutes practicing your stand-up routine instead. I'll bet you start hooking up with a more substantial class of guy.

UnlitMaserSaxon 54M/52F
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8/5/2005 2:39 pm

There's no question guys notice the package first. But I think it's a double edged sword. How many times have you bought some product because it looks cool or has fancy packaging and then been disappointed that the contents of the package were less than impressive?

By the same token, if you emphasize the visuals to get noticed, then you're just reinforcing the guys' natural instinct to appreciate presentation over content. If you've ever been dressed to kill but can't get the guys to drag their eyes away from your <insert your major feature here> and pay attention to your personality, you might be suffering from exactly this problem.

Anyway, it's a theory.

RueElph 51F
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8/5/2005 2:59 pm

Kind of puts another spin on "Laughter is the best "medicine."

Lover_and_Lady 42M/45F
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9/7/2005 6:59 pm

I agree with you on the laughter part... that is why I can easily beleive the value of meeting people online... one has to push their personality moreso...

however i also think that physical attraction is also 90% brain matter, and a quick physical encounter is different from being attracted to someone by how they act, take care of themselves and the little physical nuances that one doesn't even consciously consider when getting ready for the evening out.

Those who dress up and act to the point of 'hiding' their personality is likely the type of person you are speaking about. Dress and act according to who one is, confidence is a big attention grabber, and despite how one looks it is impossible to fake properly.

That is partially where the problems lie, for example, faked confidence can be seen a mile away, and the obvious issues of insecurity and the like is easily exploited by men and women alike. There is a lot more going on than basic visuals and mentals.

Preconceived ideals and upbringing (yay nature vs nurture upbringing) plays a strong role in how people relate to each other in such senarios. The advertising in our male dominated westernized society has enforced many aspects of what you have talked about, and many people arent even aware of what they see regularily and how this affects/effects their lives and interactions.

When one becomes more consciously aware of how their ideals have been formed, they can choose to make adjustments and usually do, as most people dont like to be manipulated into how to think or act by larger corporations or gov't groups or specialty organizations.

Of course now I can go onto another completely different standard of talkery about how that is used for validating racism sexism etc... but I'll leave that for another posting...

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