Sunday Morning Thoughts  

rm_Boomerboo 61M
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6/5/2005 5:33 am

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Sunday Morning Thoughts

Well its Sunday morning, and after the three initial performance of the mystery dinner theatre production, although the crowds have been fair, at best, we’re looking forward to the continued run for the next six weeks. it’s a good cast, and we’re finally developing into the characters that we’re portraying, some of us even developing them as we drive in to the place. Admittedly, acting like an arrogant ass, as my ex would comment upon, is not much of a stretch, but that is the work persona strictly.

The ex got married yesterday and the alimony will cease! There is a God! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Materialism can be such a drain, but then again, she was a “Daddy’s Girl”, forever seeking approval for her accomplishments, both personal and professional, and especially her material acquisitions. Is what we lack as a child, what we seek as an adult??

Just began the two painting projects that I have elected to do, one for a friend, and the other to get paid for. Like the current acting gig, not a bad job when you can get it - doing what you enjoy, and receive a monetary remuneration at the same time. One idea that was ahred and is really on the kinky side is to prepare a large canvas and then paint a partner with an acrylic (water based paint), and then press her onto the canvas allowing her image to be taken immediately. Afterward, she would do the same to me, and then there would be the most enjoyable time in the shower of bath, spending the time washing each other.

Haven’t had the time, nor the energy to develop a relationship, sexual or otherwise, so far as I’ve come to realize that I walk t the beat of a different drum, and one that perhaps a good deal of people can’t understand, much appreciate. Throw in a dose of freaky kinkiness regarding sex, hidden behind the conservative exterior, and that little devil surely needs to come out and play.

rm_reisaree 42F
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6/28/2005 2:36 pm

I knew it... I knew it..!!! Walking to a beat of a different drummer, no shit sherlock... LOL.... KINKY??? ~gasp~ That suit sure had me fooled! See, we would be playing the net game you and I cuz I think I hear your drummmer ...... LOL.... theres 2 things stopping that....
1. My husband.... LMAO... yeah, he is around this site somewhere... hope that wasn't a shock....


2. It sounds like I may be alot like your ex~ hehehe... the Daddy's Girl thang... and all.....

so... I will just keep messing with your head in LMO... and you sir... best keep messing with mine!! ~winks~

rm_reisaree 42F
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6/29/2005 4:47 pm

yeppers that country club has the same crap going on that goes on in the trailer park.....they just dress a bit nicer...

why did you quit bloggin'? course, i started last week and have already realized that its gonna be a tough thing to do and keep up with the 5 groups I post in..... you're fun boomer,.. can't believe we didn't play when i first came here.... i thought you were a snooty toot! hehehe.... !! mwah... see ya in the group hun~

rm_reisaree 42F
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6/30/2005 2:54 pm

So have I struck a chord with saying "snooty toot" something tells me nah... not at all... Well, you're fun and since all my boys in LMO have for some reason decided that I have the plague the last few days, was beginning to sulk and then TAA DAA... I found a new playmate... Boomerboo!
I was going to ask your were you got the great I am astounded that its yours! That is awesome.

Well Boomer, if you get me. Like the fact that I am just a big tease and a big flirt with absolutely no intentions of following through with anything I say....well except maybe one day with TB, but no one else. And don't tell her either. She is Bi...I am not bi. I'm just pretending to be to make her happy! LOL... Thats where the "fantasy" girlfriend comes into play. And yes she too knows I'm a tease! LOL

I wanted to send an invite to my network. But my emails are used up till my points build up again. So, if you wanna be in it. Just invite me instead. Its only the people from my groups, and lemme tell ya, TB has some GREAT albums. That alone is worth joining my network. Whatever you decide... I will still give you HELL in LMO~

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