Kathmandu is Fun but dangerous (STD) !!  

rm_BoldSamurai 41M
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4/16/2006 11:17 pm
Kathmandu is Fun but dangerous (STD) !!

Kathamdnu has changed completely !! Its amazing. Girls are so much carefree about sex and relationship these days, ofcourse the guys were always ready for this...
One thing bothers me though, the girls are fun some are even cool and worth a proper relationship but the fact remains that the knowledge of STD and protection is so ignored here. "C'mon, dont worry about me, I am allright, dont wear a condom, its no fun for me with one one you" scares the hell out of me !! To how many guys has she said that ? And how many of them had STD ??
Its one thing to get laid here in ktm but something else to get packed with STD's. Careful people.

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